Euclidean Circles clone
  • Hey everybody! I finally made one of my own modules (as opposed to tweaking other's pre-made modules). It's a clone based on the Euclidean Circles eurorack module by av500. It has adjustable steps (up to 16) and provides gate outs for both on-beat (blue) and off-beat (purple) steps. I thought the original Circles module had a way to select the number of steps for both the end and the start of the looped sequence, but figured out part way through that instead it offers a way to select the number of steps (end of the sequence) and a way to select where the sequence starts within that seleceted sequence. Because I already went through the trouble, I have added both so you now have two knobs for the length of the sequence (start and end) as well as a knob for the actual starting step within the sequence which is indicated by the yellow/amber light.

    White lights under the step buttons will indicate if that step is included in the current sequence. Amber/yellow light indicates it is the starting step of the sequence (start of Reset). No light indicates that the step is not included in current sequence.

    I was also working on a deluxe version that had Outs for each step of the sequence which I will post later if I finish it and eventually will work on getting one put together that would optionally be chainable to allow for sequences of up to 32 steps or more.

    I call it the uClidean Sarlaccs because of the way it looks. Please have a gander and let me know what you think. Most importantly if you see any inefficient patching choices I've made internally that could be improved upon or anything that I could do to take down the CPU usage. I kind of drew a blank on what SVG graphics to use for the knobs so if you have any recommends there that would make the interface easier to use or understand those would be welcome as well. :)
    uClidean Sarlaccs.audulus
    2048 x 1536 - 381K
    uClidean Sarlaccs Demo.audulus
    2048 x 1536 - 561K
  • This is so awesome, thanks for sharing!!!! WOW great UI.
  • High praise from the man himself. Thanks dude!

    Great analog module choices for your current Audulus/Eurorack setup btw @biminiroad. Looking forward to seeing more videos of it!
  • @rileyguy - thanks! I'm doing some fall cleaning in my room and getting set up for some more modular livestreaming :)
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 3.41.57 PM.png
    1047 x 682 - 389K
  • Thanks @RobertSyrett! Appreciate any compliment from such an MVP of Audulus ;). Your modules have been a huge uh...contributor to my Audulus addiction.
  • Hey, nice Sequencer! :)

    Some notes:
    1. You skip the first active note (a common problem here)
    2. You can't go below 2 notes
    3. Sometimes reset doesn't work
    4. The gate out are 16, I guess because of the reso drums? A classic gate out is usually 1. I could imagine that could interfere with other modules or nodes like the envelope, which will burst your other modules.
    5. It would be nice to have some internal notes, like the creator (=you) and the name / version, so u can keep your versions easily up to date and they won't get lost.

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Nice work! Love the circular UI design and clever use of lights to indicate start, stop, etc. Nicely laid out internally, which makes it is much easier to follow the data flow. As @Experiment1 mentioned, it's better to keep gates, knobs and modulation signals in the 0-1 range and audio -1 to 1 and scale them if required, since that makes it easier for others to use your designs. Also a version number, at least internally will make it much simpler to figure out which copy you're working with. I can't tell you how many times I've had to figure out whether I was working with the most up to date version of one of my own modules. Believe me, you will find bugs and make improvements probably forever. I don't think anything in Audulus is every really finished.
  • Just for reference the modulargrid page of the module:
    I'm kind of teased to get the module for my rack.
  • @Experiment1 - yeah it's one of the nicest looking ones in Eurorack imho! So much blinky.

    @RileyGuy let us know if you need help adapting your design to the signal standards @stschoen was talking about.

    You might also like the shape sequencer I made that's in the latest uModular collection, posted here below:
    5 Step Gate-Trigger Shape Sequencer Documented.audulus
  • @Experiment1 Thanks so much for the notes! I’ll definitely dig in further and correct those things and very much appreciate letting me know where it fell short as well as the kind words!

    Same thanks to you @stschoen. I’ll definitely get to work improving this module for a well documents and titled version 2.

    @biminiroad I love your shape sequencer! I forgot to give proper praise for using that same module for reference when getting started on this one. I still grab that one to start with a lot when creating new patches. Thanks for the offer of assistance, but I wanted to try and run into issues and figure them out on my own for this first one. Sort of a personal project to get thinking with the Audulus brain. If I get stuck, I’ll shout. :)

    In fact, just want to give praise to all 3 MVPs: @robertsyrett, @biminiroad, and @stschoen. I’m constantly using and/or studying your modules for reference. Not only are the designs great, but the volume of modules you have contributed is incredible.
  • Really enjoying this! Also Bimini’s gate sequencer. I hadn’t come across the Eurorack module before, so thanks for introducing that too.

    I was wondering if there could also be a way of distributing the beats programatically – something along the lines of this github demo:
  • Here is version 2 of the uClidean Sarlaccs sequencer. I corrected the gate output to be limited to a value of 1, fixed the maximum/minimum steps limitation, and added the adjusted Reset Counter that implements a timer in the module. Thanks to @RobertSyrett on the reset counter to allow for a more consistent Reset. Also included a few notes inside with the module name and version.

    Thanks @Experiment1 for the notes to improve the module! I’ve been trying to study your sequencer internally and have been banging my head on the keyboard with different combinations of programmable logic to allow the sequencer to start on the first step when starting the clock while still using @RobertSyrett’s timer-based reset counter for consistency and I haven’t been able to find anything that works. The idea being that clicking Reset while the clock isn’t going will allow the 1st step to be played when the clock is started. While the clock is started (which will be starting on the 2nd step), hitting Reset should also allow Step 1 to be triggered with each get while the reset button is still held and then move on to Step 2 when letting go.

    Any suggestions or insight on how I could adjust the counter or sequencer to not skip the first active note would be greatly appreciated!

    uclidean sarlaccs v2.0.audulus
    2048 x 1536 - 518K
  • With demo:
    uclidean sarlaccs v2.0 demo1.audulus
    2048 x 1536 - 1M
    uclidean sarlaccs v2.0 demo2.audulus
    2048 x 1536 - 936K
  • Sweet! Version 2 is looking good!
  • Always happy to share sweet gear clips @Rudiger! Any sort of actual Euclidean programming would have to be done somewhat manually (turning on/off hits and measuring the length of the sequence with two sequencers tied to the same clock) or possibly by incorporating the actual Euclidean Sequencer that is in the Audulus library with this module.

    Thanks @RobertSyrett!
  • Here’s the Deluxe version with separate outs for each side of the sequencer (on-beat triggers are on the outside, off-beat triggers are on the inside). Each trigger is also externally gateable. On-beat triggers on the outside shouldn’t send a gate if the button is not pressed and off-beat triggers on the inside will not send a gate if the button is pressed.

    uclidean sarlaccs dlx v.1.audulus
    2048 x 1536 - 560K
    2048 x 1536 - 2M
    uclidean sarlaccs dlx v.1 demo1 .audulus
    2048 x 1536 - 703K
  • @RileyGuy The deluxe version is looking great! The inverse gates are a nice addition.

    Ever since you posted your first version of the Euclidean Circles module and I got to learn a bit about the Eurorack module I’ve been thinking that it would be nice to include a visualisation of the Euclidean distribution of beats within a cycle.

    I started with an adaptation of the Euclidean sequencer in the Audulus library to include a visual display of the distribution of the beats. After experimenting with different layouts I settled on two horizontal rows of 8 for a uEuclidean version. The horizontal rows seem to read most easily, especially when selecting shorter cycle lengths.

    In my additions to your Euclidean Sarlaccs module I’ve simply added the distribution indicator lights to the circle of gate inputs and included an extra ‘hits’ knob in the center. The length is calculated from your start and end steps, and the offset determined by your start position. The (green) output in the very center provides the Euclidean output, and the idea is that the other gate outputs can be selected manually with the lights as a guide.
    2224 x 1668 - 842K
    RG uClidean uEuclidean RM.audulus
  • @Rudiger I love the additions! It’s great that you utilized the actual Euclidean aspect into the module itself while still allowing the manual selection. I use the original Euclidean sequencer quite often and the visual indicators you've added look good. The added knob and output for the Euclidean addition to the DLX module actually balances out the look of the design too. Thanks man! Appreciate you taking a look at it and improving/tweaking the design!
  • @RileyGuy Pleased you like it. Thanks for all your ground work (I just added some icing on the top) and for introducing the module! Building on and learning from each other’s designs is something that I really enjoy and appreciate about the Audulus forum.