App Problems: Cant Rename patches
  • I have the following Problem with the iPad Version of audulus:
    If I try to Rename a Patch it does change the name, but if I restart the App the Patch has the Old Name again.
  • Hey @Masl, welcome to the Audulus forum! Is this happing with every patch or just certain patches? Can you post some steps so I can reproduce the problem?

    - Taylor
  • this happens with all patches.

    To reproduce the bug, simply look at the attached pictures.
  • @Masl, excellent, thank you! I fixed the bug for the next release :-).

    - Taylor
  • I also found some other things:

    - first Bug is a "NaN bug", which can crash the "audio Engine" when using a certain setup (that means no sound output, also after the setup was changed, this also happens with other setups), simply look at the "BugPatch" file and press a key on the Keyboard.

    - the second Bug is when trying to drag a Poly-Cable (switch your Midi -> Keyboard to poly) and try to drag it to the Audio-Out, this will also crash the app, also the Waveform- Module, isnt working when dragging a Cable to it.

    - the third Bug is Audio shuttering look at the "FM Synth patch" and turn one of the two "Constant" Knobs and play a key. there are certain values, where the audio starts to shutter. (If you add a Waveform Node at the output Node, you will see that its moving very slow; maybe problems with the Calculation of the Audio Samples)

    All this bugs happen on the Ipad Version of Audulus
    FM Synth.audulus
  • @Masl, thanks! I've fixed the first two :-). For the third one I can't seem to get it to stutter. I'll try some more.

    - Taylor
  • I noticed, that the CPU Load goes up, if you turn the middle knob slowly up or down. On some values the CPU Load will go up, for me to about 1.2, and with Other values there will be a lower CPU Load, the lowest was at about 0.2. the shuttering only Happens, because the CPU Load is so hight ( im using an iPad 2). This also Happens if you dont Play a Key.
  • @Masl, fixed it :-). Thanks!!

    Expect a new version soon.

    - Taylor
  • I have found some more bugs:

    - Inside of a Patch Node the Metering-Nodes dont work (use the FM Synth patch, there is a Patch Node Named "FM Synth" , add a Metering-Node Inside of the Patch Node.

    - when using a Spline node and moving some points youve added before, the red dot will follow the old path, look at BugPatch2.
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