How to download patches?
  • Sorry, I may just be too dumb, but I don't get it:

    How can you download the patches? Maybe it works on a Mac, but neither on my Windows machine nor on the iPad - the browser will just try to save or copy the image & text below.
  • Are you able to download them now that you are logged in?

    - Taylor
  • Oh boy: You have to be logged in ;-\

    I realized once I registered in order to post the question...
  • No worries. I got all worried the other day because I couldn't download a patch... wasn't logged in. I'm still learning how to use this forum myself :-).

    In fact when you download the patches they end up all as "default.audulus". I've yet to figure out that one.

    - Taylor
  • I opened the forum in mu iPad and still am not sure what to do to download patches. I see spline in my patch browser but there's no volume. I don't see the new patch at all...Help!!
  • The new patch will be called "default" (I think its a webserver config issue). One bug: if you open a patch from Safari while having another one open in the app, it doesn't back out to the patch browser to show you the new patch (or just directly open it), which is annoying. Do you think that's what's going on? Try backing out to the patch browser before you switch to Safari.

  • Now, how do you upload a patch from the iPad?
  • I just did a little investigating. It looks like I'll have to build that into the app, since mobile Safari doesn't seem to support file uploads other than pictures from your collection.
  • I see. Might I e-mail you a simple patch with a question about its behavior?
  • Absolutely :-)
  • --No answer to my question?
  • Sorry Scott, which question? I tried to answer your post about downloading patches above.

    - Taylor
  • ---Forgive me for being dense but I still don't understand. Do I email the patch to me and open it like I have to do with the PPG? I clicked on the downloaded patch in the forum section of Audulus and nothing happens and I'm logged in. Now I do see the spline patch on my browser but there's no volume, I am getting sound from the Welcome patch.
    A step by step approach might save a few people who are too embarrassed to keep asking for help from just giving up...Thanks
  • Hey Scott, no worries. Not all the example patches make sound. The "Spline" example is just to show you what the spline node does, visually. Dcramer used it to do PWM over in this thread:

    When you back out to the browser, do you see the newly downloaded patch? You may have to scroll all the way to the left.
  • Hi Scott, if you're trying to open patches that are on this forum here's what you do;
    Find the patch you want in a thread.
    Touch the patch logo.
    Touch it again and it should open a window that says "open in".
    Touch "open in Audulus" and it should open the app with the patch.
    Please note it takes a moment to load and give you sound and it may not have a preview yet.

    If you want to upload a patch from your iPad to this forum you have to use the Mac version as the iPad only lets you choose photos to upload.

  • Daniel, one small correction: You don't need to have the Mac version of Audulus to upload a patch, you just need to transfer the .audulus file to a computer (Windows or Mac). You can either email it to yourself using the share button (second from left bottom row in the patch browser) or use iTunes to transfer it.

    In the future I'll have iCloud and possibly dropbox support so this will get easier.

    - Taylor
  • Wait? Are you saying there's desktops that aren't macs?
    No just kidding, of course, you don't need to open the patch, just upload it to the forum!
  • ---Thanks for your help, I thought that's what I did but I will sure try it again after work. This synth has so many possibilites and I have so little talent!! :( LOL
  • ---It's weird, I thought I was signed in but I wasn't and now the patches work. Oh well, so much for being sure of anything...LOL