XY-patch with 4outputs, any chance?
  • Hi there, is there any chance of a future xy-implementation, as a node, with configurable outputs (with a multichannel interface connected, of course)? I, for one, would love to see it! Anyone also would have a use for this, will it make sense to develop, are there maybe already some kind of secret plans for developing such a nice little node? Just asking, cheers and thanks for all replies, animal
  • Hey @animal, yep that sounds great! Its not that hard to implement either. I think it would be super useful.

    If you'd like to accelerate getting an XY-node, I could use a hand in testing the new Audio Engine :-)


    - Taylor
  • @Taylor: rightaway, of course I instantly tried to install it. It keeps trying to open in Reactable though, even though I press the button: open in Dropbox. Any idea, how I can open it actually (I might be doing something wrong here...
    However, as soon as I get it running, I'll run it through its paces and will let you know any issues-.
    Greetings, animal
  • @Taylor: ok, I think the beta in question is for Mac, not for iPad, right? Guess that's what I got wrong here. I'll try on my Mac...
  • @animal, yeah its for the Mac -- sorry about that -- I've put a note indicating that. Also, you'll need the Mac App Store version installed to run it.

    Thanks for your help! :-)
    - Taylor
  • A well, I don't own the Mac Version. If I find a chance to buy it, I will install the beta. Just don't know, if I can spend anymore just now. Thanks for your feedback, though, maybe I'll be able to contribute some other time,
    Best, animal