¿ Why Audulus...?
  • Hi guys - I'd love the Auduliterati to help me understand what this interesting app could do for my setup.
    I'm running a macbook pro w/ mountain lion with MAX MSP + monome controllers (64+arcs) pushing sound and noise into Reaktor, Logic Pro 9.0 (and its synths), Noatikl and Audiomulch (for audio tweakage, granular synthesis, multichannel output and recording).
    I am interested in being able to stack generative soundscapes, nudging them every now and then via midi notes / ccs.
    I need the apps to be able to generate and transmit midi information (notes, velocity, ccs)

    Would Audulus integrate in this scenario? Can I use it to generate midi information, besides creating and processing in the audio realm?


  • Hi Paul, welcome to the forum! Awesome setup! I've been thinking of getting a monome so I can integrate it with Audulus.

    To answer your questions: Currently Audulus doesn't output MIDI, though I'd like it to do so eventually. All connections are signals (both audio and control), so there's no midi-style event processing. You won't be able to do granular synthesis yet, but I have plans for adding that.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask :-)

    - Taylor
  • Hi Taylor - thank you for the prompt reply!
    Back to head scratching mode now ;-)
    I bet you would love being part of the monome gang (shameless plug(in) for a great bunch of guys).

    One request / hint:... an initial FAQ page (helps you to divert some newb traffic away from the forum and gives you some breathing space, hehe)

    Ciao, talk soon