Spooky Halloween Patches
  • Anybody got some some halloween patches that wanna share? Vibrato heavy minor melodies and banshee howls?
  • I dug up my old BBC Wobbulator to make some ghost sounds for my daughter and thought of adding some LFO automation to that, but I’m thinking that it could be nice to put together a little module that builds on Hordijks fluctuation modulation for some extra character.
  • Nice! I'm thinking of whipping up some ghoulish graphics for a jack-o-lantern patch.
  • The Rungler patches seem like they could make some cool spooky noises!

    Check this video out:

  • In honor of Halloween
    Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 5.50.38 PM.png
    3230 x 2230 - 1M
  • I’d hoped to make a little Halloween patch with some typical ghostly sweeps based on Rob Hordijk’s fluctuation modulation. I unfortunately didn’t find the time, but did manage a quick uFluct module. Perhaps someone else can build on that – some splines or something to sweep the frequency up and down in irregular ways. Perhaps with a touch of reverb too. Otherwise it’s even fun to just sweep the frequency up and down by hand.
  • Sound's very Sci-fi B movie.I love it. Think I'll throw one into the halloween patch. I think I've still got one channel in the mixer unused. :)
  • Man, next year I am going to buy a bunch of cheap speakers and make a front yard sound installation with these patches. Spooky lvl: A+
  • I added @Rudiger's uFluct just for a bit of sci-fi flavor
  • @stsschoen Nice soundscape!

    At a simpler end of the scale I added a few things to to create a little Fluctoween.
    RM Fluctoween.audulus
  • Definitely spooky!
  • Yes! Classic ghost wailing.