Audiobus channels?
  • On iPad I was trying to read input into Audulus as 2 channels from 2 Audiobus input apps.
    I ended up with identical signal in input 1 and input 2 (nothing input 3 and up). So it seems that channels cannot be separated (like DAW apps in output slot do when reading from several apps in input slots (or even several channels from input apps that permit that). Is this correct or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
  • @nil, I'll test that and get back to you.

    - Taylor
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  • Interesting! My patch was the same. Also in the display they looked identical, both 1 and 2 contained mixed output from both respective apps in input slots. I used a ThumbJam loop and an AddictiveSynth loop just to have 2 inputs, since I wanted to try Audulus inputs from AB. Will try with different apps and report back, encouraging to know that it might in principle work and that it is not due to limitation in AB! Or is it that only left and right stereo channel get separated, but left is left from app1 + app2, right is right from app 1 + app2? What is 3, 4 etc? It would be useful to be able to separate output from the input slots when using AB.
  • @nil, sorry, I misunderstood what you're trying to do! I thought you were just asking about stereo processing of a single app, not separate processing of multiple apps.

    AB currently mixes the channels of separate apps together. It looks like I might be able to tell it to not do that, but I'm not sure. I'll ask on the AB dev forum and see.

    - Taylor
  • @nil, I found the question over on the AB dev forum. Looks like its a limitation of AB and "Filter" apps can't process sources separately even though "Output" apps can. I remember now that I bumped up against this limitation when implementing AB support.

    The AB guys do hope to implement it in the future, in which case I will definitely update Audulus to take advantage of that!

    - Taylor
  • Thanks for the info. I have the desktop version too where I can load 2 samples, so no big problem.