LowPass and HighPass nodes are buggy (Audulus 2.01)
  • Hi Taylor,

    if the signal at "alpha" input of LPF or HPF goes above 1 then Audulus stops working properly.

    Try yourself - connect Noise to LPF (or HPF) , LPF to audio out and set alpha to 1.5.

    and another question:

    why LPF has alpha input? we can use direct connection to the knob.
    (HPF has no alpha input)
  • Ah, yes, I'll have it constrain the range of Alpha to 0-1. I'll also remove the extra input on the LPF.

    Thanks for letting me know :-)
    - Taylor
  • Ok, fixed it for the next release :-) Thanks again!

    - Taylor
  • Thank you very much!