Audulus for iPad
  • Just exploring the iPad app, which I'm intrigued by...

    However, the link to documentation within the iPad app takes you to a webpage which contains documentation for the Mac app. It's difficult to see how this will answer questions about the iPad version. For instance, there's a section on the AU plug-in, which only works with the Mac app.

    In fact, all of the videos seem to apply to Mac operation, e.g. reference to right-clicking.

    As a newbie to Audulus, I'm finding this confusing.
  • Hey Mick,

    Sorry about that! An oversight on my part. I've updated the documentation page with iPad-specific documentation, notably the iPad Briefing video at the top. I've also updated it to indicate which nodes and features are Mac only.

    Right clicking on the Mac version translates to holding the context menu button and tapping on the iPad version.

    Again, sorry for the confusion. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or need help :-)

    - Taylor
  • Thanks Taylor. I can now use Audulus on the iPad.

    However, the Help notes within the app need re-writing - some refer to double-clicking and CMD-clicking.

  • I totally agree. The help notes are embedded in the app (so you can use Audulus without an internet connection), so I will have all that fixed by the next release, which should be in a couple weeks. I will make the web documentation platform-agnostic ASAP.

    I appreciate the feedback!
    - Taylor
  • OK - in the meantime, what's the iPad equivalent for CMD-click?
  • In the Mac version, CMD-click is used to select all the nodes that contribute to a Node's input. I haven't added selection on the iPad version yet, so there's no equivalent there.

    CMD-click is also used to delete control points in the Spline node. Unfortunately, the Spline node isn't fully functional (see I've already fixed this on my end, so double-tap will be used for both adding and deleting control points in the next version.

    - Taylor