Audio Unit parameter names in DAW hosts
  • I just watched some of the videos, and this thing looks amazing! Great interface, looks very fun to use... and quick to make sounds too.

    I've been using Plogue Bidule for a while- which is a great piece of software, but has a particular issue when using it as a plugin (AU/VST). In Ableton Live, if I want to record automation (or manipulate my creations from the standard au/vst interface) I first have to "link" a "bidule plugin parameter" to one of the knobs in the synth itself.

    The problem is these parameters have names like "parameter 1," instead of "cutoff" or "pitch". It's super hard to tell what you're actually automating.

    My question is this: if Audulus is running as an AU in Ableton, what does the plugin interface look like, and how easy is it to control via automation?

    I look forward to finding out more about this! Thanks for creating such a great piece of software.
  • Hey @cbfishes, thanks for the kind words!

    Unfortunately, I would say parameter control in the plugin version is one of the less developed parts of Audulus. You can control any knob via MIDI CC, but I haven't implemented a plugin parameters interface yet.

    Good news is: here's your chance to let me know the right way to do it :-). What about a plugin parameter node that allows you to name a parameter? The only catch is I'm not sure AudioUnits allow the set of parameters to change.

    all the best
    - Taylor
  • can fake it for now with simple out = in expr nodes. You might even be able to optimize those so they do not show in the sample chain even? Zero time?
  • oh. AL. not sure about that.