How to make an audio input trigger?
  • This is probably incredibly simple, but I don't know how to do it. I want to make a trigger that is activated by audio input. For example, pluck a string and it triggers an ADSR to modulate a filter. Probably it should have a threshold control, so that the triggering occurs only when the input volume hits a desired level. How would one go about building this? I believe a trigger/threshold tool would be useful for a multitude of effects. If this has been answered before, I'm very sorry – none of the searches I tried produced the results. (I hope that doesn't mean that it can't be done. Everything is possible in Audulus, right?) I haven't done any experimenting with inputs. Everything I've made has been triggered with a keyboard node.
  • Hey @ZenLizard, I think you could use an EnvFollow (Level category) followed by a LessThan (Math). I bet that would work :-). The only issue might be multiple triggering (yet another reason I need to expose the attack and decay rates for the EnvFollow).

    - Taylor