Sequencer implementation
  • I would love to a see a patch or tutorial that demonstrates how to use the sequencer module. So far I'm stymied.
  • It's fairly simple, I will post a patch that shows how.
    Basically you connect the seq out to Osc pitch in (or filter freq or anything!)
    The stack of inputs on the left side of the seq are 16 values (one for each step) and the clock input at the bottom.
    Remember that all inputs in Audulus can be set to a default value. You'll see the numbers remain once you enter them in the16 inputs. Then any trigger connected to the bottom left input will step through the sequence of default values. The sequencer will "read" anything connected to the 16 inputs so you could actually connect 16 keyboards to the inputs and program the sequencer by touching the notes! Just bear in mind that the Osc inputs need values in hertz just like the keyboard outputs. The Beauty of the app is that you can connect anything to anything. If it doesn't do what you expected it almost always means the range of values is incorrect and you can simply use math nodes to correct it.
  • Thanks. Got it. The Aha! moment came when I realized I could use a square wave as a clock source.