Eight Character Scrolling Text Display
  • @biminiroad, something for your next show!
    Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 3.05.51 PM.png
    1731 x 1022 - 396K
    scrolling 8 character display.audulus
  • yessss!!!! so great :)
  • HAHA! man I really wish this didn't run at 35% cpu. Otherwise I would totally recommend making a Audulus disting.
  • Yeah, I was kind of disappointed when I discovered how much of a load this patch was. I haven't given up totally, but this may have to wait until V4, or at least until the expression node is further optimized. I might try making a green led version to see if it's any better. I just got a new iMac today and it's now running at 14% vs. 25% on my old one. Haven't tried it on the iPad, but no matter how you look at it, it's a hog. Still should be a good conversation starter as a demo.
  • New iMac?! what what?! Happy day!
  • My MacBook died several weeks ago, so I've been limping along on an old iMac. Finally saved up enough to get something new.
  • @stschoen - this type of patch will be MUCH easier to compute once taylor adjusts the lights to only be updated at 60/120ish Hz (right now, they update at audio rate) and also have some more optimizations to the expression node.