PLEASE NOTE: Apple doesn't support In-App Purchases on Mac OS 10.6
  • I forget to add an alert indicating this and deactivating the store! Sorry about that!

    And my apologies for Apple not having support for this. Sadly, there's really no way around it :-(

    - Taylor
  • So you're leaving us 10.6 users behind for improvements? What a disappointment. I wouldn't have bought version 1 if I'd known it would so soon be a dead-end product for me.
  • @LosingSleep, I'm sorry about that :-( I was actually surprised when I started testing and saw that Apple didn't have support for IAPs in 10.6. You can't upgrade your machine to 10.7?
  • I can, but that would require saying good-bye to Rosetta and a couple of good old PowerPC apps I don't want to part with. Apple's rapid-obsolescence business model just doesn't serve me well.
  • I've had to face this problem as well. I bought a little external hard drive to run the other OS on (in my case, the older OS). Its certainly not ideal, but a whole lot cheaper than buying a new machine.
  • Not a bad idea, although a little bit expensive and slow. I might end up doing that eventually. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • I don't even know if my old machine will run 10.7 I will have to check it out.
  • Yeah, I'd lose compatibility with a good deal of emulators and tweaks. Can't do it right meow.

    Side question: if and when I do "upgrade" to Lion or higher, are the IAPs cross-platform from iOS to Mac? In other words, if I buy the IAPs on the iPad, will I have to re-buy them on the Mac, too? Or is the "restore purchases" function cross-platform?
  • @odoyle, the IAPs aren't shared between platforms. I looked into doing that and the implementation time required is very high, especially because that sort of programming is not my area of expertise. Since Apple doesn't provide a way to do it, would need to run a server to manage purchases between both platforms. So as much as I'd like to have such a system, I'd rather just focus on improving Audulus itself.
  • works for me—I have no problem seeing you get paid :)'ve certainly earned it!
  • @odoyle, thanks man! :-)
  • I really love Audulus. It's an awesome tool, and I'd pay a lot more than $5 for the math module were it offered as a separate 10.6 compatible Audulus version on the App store. There is just no possible way I'll be able to get off 10.6 for the foreseeable future, because of a myriad of ongoing projects that use way old software packages. Music machines can be that way (and I'm sure I can't be the only one out there in that situation). Not complaining ... just sayin' I'd be happy to pay for such a version were it available ... and I'm sure a few other of us would as well :-)
  • @plurgid, thanks man! I know how it is... there's always at least one piece of software that is no longer updated, preventing an upgrade.

    For your setup, what about my external hard drive suggestion? (I know it's not ideal)

    Out of curiosity, what software are you using that doesn't support newer OSes?

    - Taylor