Keyboardless Polyphony?
  • Can polyphonic mode be invoked without a keyboard?
    Can pitches be programmed in polyphonic format without a keyboard?
  • Currently, only the keyboard node has polyphonic output. In the future, though, we'll have polyphonic constant nodes, dual mono to stereo (and vice versa), and unison nodes.

    If you have other ideas for new polyphonic nodes, do tell :-)

    - Taylor
  • How about a node which combines several monophonic inputs into a single polyphonic stream?
  • Sure, how about 4 monophonic inputs initially?
  • Yes, please!
  • Cool. I see if I can get that in 2.1.
  • Fantastic! You are a Star.
  • Sounds handy for Audiobus Output slot applications. Are the Audiobus channels available in the filter slot?
  • @Taylor is this what the mono/poly nodes were created for?
  • @biminiroad, yep. Mainly the MonoToQuad and QuadToMono.