Oscillator node tracking problem
  • Something weird is going on. I can't get my phasor-based oscillators to stay in tune with the oscillator node based ones. I'm on my mac desktop, I will check out iOS.

    Basically I put in 440 hz and the zero crossing is telling me the osc node is outputting 405 hz.
    Out of tune oscillators.audulus
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  • Aparrently not an issue with the iPad. Oh well.
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  • Peculiar, I’ll check it out on my mac when I get back to it
  • Probably have your system sample rate set to something other than 44.1k?
  • I haven't changed anything, and the oscillators haven't been out of tune before, but the mac is running 48k and the iPad is running 44.1k. Really odd choice to tie the the oscillator pitch to the sample rate. How would I go about correcting that?
  • This is a half-bug right now - Taylor has to fix it because of the "crackling patch" problem people are having on iOS. The problem is caused by the iOS devices on iOS11 running at 48k while headphones not plugged in (and using marginally more CPU) and 44.1k while they're plugged in.

    The only fix is to set your system's sample rate to 44.1k at the moment.
  • nvm, I found the relevant info via google search. Link below for anyone with the same problem.


    tl:dr sample rate is found in applications>utilities>audio midi setup app (looks like a keyboard)

    But given that 48k is now the default for apple, this might need to be addressed before long.
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  • @biminiroad Oh is that why I sometimes get crackling sometimes? Apple is schizo.
  • So Audulus only supports a 44.1k sample rate? Is this true of the plug-in as well? I usually run Reaper at 96k to minimize latency.
  • I “upgraded” to an iPad Pro an now I get crackling?
  • I gave my iPad Air 2 to my brother!
  • Can I downgrade my OS to fix this?
  • Maybe my crackling is some other crackling. But I was going to message you guys about crackling.
  • Or I thought it was my iPad and I was going to go to Apple for a warranty.
  • I'm sure little brother wouldn't mind trading until the issue is fixed ;-)
  • My iPad Air 2 is on iOS 11 and still shows 44.1 with no headphones connected, so I did some digging re the 48k sample rate. The only info I can find is that the iPhone 6s and later DAC hardware is locked at 48k at least for the internal speaker.
  • @eall123 - don't worry! It's a bug and we're fixing it right now :)
  • @eall123 - btw the "fix" is to use headphones. It's only the speakers that cause the sample rate jump and the crackling because it's switching over to 48k, and Audulus doesn't really run at that rate.
  • @stschoen - and yeah no, Audulus is not optimized to run at higher sample rates. Taylor is working on overhauling this, but I'm surprised you haven't noticed the oscillators go out of tune.
  • I mostly work work with Audulus standalone and the default bitrate on my mac is 44.1. I guess everything I've done in the DAW is only using filters, reverb etc., no oscillators. I'll make sure to run at 44.1 if I'm using Audulus. Sounds like it might be only the iPad Pros and iPhone 6s and up that have the crackling issue on iOS.
  • It sounds like the crackle I hear on AudioShare. Same deal, worked fine before I got the iPad Pro. I don’t know if that helps.
  • @stschoen @eall123 - the crackling issue in Audulus is *mostly* due to the edge cases where people had a patch that worked before, and now crackles. That's probably due to it being just on the margins of being able to run on 44.1k without crackling, and 48k takes just a little more CPU and pushes it over the edge. At least that's my understanding. As for it no happening on computer - that's mostly because computers can handle higher CPU usage. If you do the same where you make a patch that just barely runs without crackling, then flip it to 48k or higher, it will start to crackle much earlier.

    eall123 - as for you, I know some iPad Pros have had problems with crackling unrelated to Audulus's problem. That's something you might want to look into with the apple store/warranty thing. It's an unrelated manufacturing issue. Not sure if that's what you have going on there, but if it happens a lot with other apps and just plain audio in stuff, then it's not *just* what's happening in Audulus that you're hearing unfortunately.
  • I’ll see what they say. I’ll record a video of the noise if that doesn’t work.
  • I understand. In looking at the developer forum, It seemed like the iDevice will typically automatically perform a bit rate conversion but that some apps which make assumptions about bitrates could have issues. Having to buffer and convert an audio stream would certainly add to the CPU load.
  • I ran into the same problem on my MBP with the soundcard running at 48k – figured it out, but good to have an ‘official’ clarification and explanation of what’s going on, also with the iOS headphone switching.