send midi timing signal from audulus
  • I am trying to figure out how to send midi signals from audulus to other apps using virtual midi. Is there a documentation anywhere covering this?
  • Hey @nil, Audulus currently can't send MIDI messages out. I have MIDI-out nodes on my to-do list, but I can't give you a good estimate on when I'll get to it. Sorry about that!

    - Taylor
  • I understand. What I wanted to use it for is send a trigger out when a signal fed into Audulus crosses a threshold - not sure this is possible to detect by Audulus either, but have the impression it is. But midi out could be useful for different things.
  • That's definitely doable. I'd like to add a Midi CC out node you could use to accomplish that. Its just a matter of time :-)

    - Taylor
  • Audulus has an Envelope following node that can be used (along with some of the math nodes) to create a trigger. I've used it to create gates and compressors. The only missing piece is the MIDI out.
  • Ok, good to hear.
    Thanks for tip about envelope following node.
    I have been using Audulus for very, very basic things so far. Looking forward to midi out then and the math formulas that I read are under development.
    I have not been following here so much (yet), has there been discussion about a scripting node (for putting conditional statements and for pattern generation)? Lua nodes inside Audulus?
  • Hey @nil, sorry about the delay on answering your question! I've looked into scripting nodes a bit. One big problem is that Apple doesn't allow iPad apps with programming features to be able to share anything, so it would have to be a Mac-only feature.

    With the forthcoming Math Expression node, I think we'll get some of the benefit of a Lua node, without being excluded from the iPad.

    Exposing the Lua interpreter so you can automate the UI is another matter though. I've been thinking about how best to do that for a while :-)

    - Taylor