Korg sq-1?
  • hey guys, new to the forum and auduls, and modular as a whole. got a quick question about midi routing! wondering if it's possible/ideal to route through a Korg sq1 via midi to cv from Ableton as a host? thanks!
  • well, currently, Audulus has no midi out. Si I guess that probably reduces the synergy. But midi out is coming soon, so stay tuned :)
  • Is that poop ass or poo pass? lol - welcome!

    Can you describe this a little more? Route what through SQ1? You can clock an SQ1 from Audulus? Ableton Link is coming too.
  • I thought it was Po Opass, perssonally.
  • hey guys, it's poop ass. two words i find hilarious, i dunno lol. anyway i'm just getting into modular, and auduls is a cool learning tool. i'm using the sq1 as an external sequencer via usb. slowly getting it. having trouble using the knobs to control pitch, though. it's probably something i'm not putting together right on the program.
  • Found this link on the SQ-1: http://cdm.link/2015/02/heres-korgs-99-sq1-sequencer-can-cant/. Lots of good info. I assume you're using the keyboard node or module to receive the output from the SQ-1. The node outputs frequency in Hz and the module outputs 1 per octave where 0 is middle A, 1 is one octave up, 2 is two octaves up, etc. If the information in the link is correct the sequencer will output either C major or C minor scales. Here's a basic patch which should give you correct pitches. The MIDI channel is set for omni which listens on all channels. To transpose up or down just add or subtract from the "o" signal. 1/12 will move the pitch a semitone.
    simple MIDI.audulus