Patch Library
  • I would really like to see some kind of on-line patch and module library. The periodic patch archive updates are great but don't allow for updates, new adds etc., and don't include descriptions. Searching for a specific patch on the forum can sometimes be a frustrating experience. The library should be just patches/modules with the file, a description, image, requirements etc. A patch would be uploaded by a forum user and updated, but would be read-only for other users. It would need to be organized and searchable to really be useful. Some kind of user ratings system would also be nice.
  • Who would be the librarian of said archive?
  • Yes this is definitely something we're interested in making! Also sharing patches to the forum from in-app, by tweeting a link to an Amazon Cloud Storage thing basically. Would love to hear people's ideas about what this repository should feature!
  • Also yeesh it's a lot of work on my end and would love to put this in the hands of the community lol
  • What, you don't like spending your Wednesday deleting patch histories?
  • At the risk of putting myself in for something I'll later regret, I'll volunteer if we can come up with a suitable approach.
  • So far the library is kind of “on hold”. @biminiroad is tied up at the moment with the uModular project and I’m not sure that the current forum software really lends itself to a library very well. Ideally we would have something where users could contribute and update patches with descriptions, use notes etc. that would be categorized and searchable. The organization of the forum is pretty good, but there’s no good way to keep a single updated link to a module. We haven’t forgotten, it’s still a long term goal. Between the periodic current patch library updates and the rapidly evolving uModular collection, you should have an excellent selection of modules available.
  • We're working on a way for people to be able to share patches from within the app. So you could tweet out a link to a patch from inside Audulus and people could download it from there. Patches would no longer be posted directly to this forum, but be hosted in Amazon Cloud. Once this is implemented, we can see how we can work out some kind of Wiki for Audulus, since we'd basically just need to have hosting for a user-editable Wiki-like site and not have to pay double for hosting the patches there. Each patch could just be a link, and perhaps there'd be some kind of updated .zip file that would include all patches people upload.

    It wouldn't upload every patch you have automatically - only ones that you'd want to share, so you'd still need to back up patches in iCloud and your computer or whatnot. This is coming along with a forum update as soon as Taylor has some free time for it :)
  • We might even implement something where you could use the auto-generated screen cap of the patch you see as you leave it to add that to your tweet or FB post or whatever.
  • One of the biggest issues I encounter with the forum as a library is the lack of any kind of versioning. Ideally whatever approach you and Taylor come up with should provide some way to keep files updated as well as easily located.
  • @stschoen You're right. I couldn't imagine to work in any professional environment without a data management system, I'm so used to it. Provide the right data (usual the newest) at the right place at the right time - that's their credo.

    Are there any open source systems?
    I'd say that the data management and they way Audulus handles it content has a very big potential for improvement. There are so many good programs which are somewhat lost in the depth of the forums.
  • @Expertiment1 - seems like we could have a big communal git, right? Everyone gets their own folder and commits to it whenever they want? That's basically how I work with Taylor, don't know how easy this would be to set up though.