Seaside Mysteries Live Patch

    Recently I recorded a song with my friend where I used some of my audulus patches to make background sounds and modulate filters and such. So when I was asked to do a performance for the Modular Meetup group I thought I might adapt the patches I had already made for live performance. I couldn't take very much with me so the live rig is:

    - Audulus
    - 96 hp of eurorack (reverb, delay, analog filter, MI braids, tempo-synced LFO's, mixer)
    - Korg nanoKontrol
    - Korg Volca Sample

    The nanoKontrol was the performance keyboard, and I could assign knobs to audulus parameters. The patch ended up pushing the limits of my iPad Pro (you can hear the patch crackling at some points), and has me thinking about making some CPU friendly modules to facilitate making patches like this in the future that can transition between sections without having to resort to multi-track recording.

    It was a great learning experience -_-

    performance sept 2017 cv patch.audulus
  • Most excellent! The background sounds really set the mood.
  • This is great thanks for sharing Robert! I love those bird sounds so much