Variable Sixteen Step Drum Sequencer
  • I thought my last patch could use some more interesting percussion, so I modified a copy of my chainable sequencer to be more suitable. First I built a six channel version but soon discovered that multiple single channel modules were more useful. Like the chainable sequencer, each step has a variable number of clock pulses. There are knobs to set the maximum number of pulses for a step as well as the number of steps in the sequencer. Since the number of pulses per step goes as high as 48, it lends itself to building some very complex rhythms. It has a gate out and a mask for each step. Thanks to @RobertSyrett for the Peng! module.
    Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 4.57.00 PM.png
    1796 x 551 - 136K
    Drum sequencer.audulus
  • I thought I'd post the end result of adding this to the last patch I built. The sequencers themselves are not too CPU intensive, but the attached drum modules add to the CPU load of the patch which is already pretty high. Runs fine on my old iMac, but my iPad Air2 is up to 75% and the sound is getting a bit distorted.
    Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 10.14.33 AM.png
    1602 x 1068 - 531K
    Drum Sequencer Demo.audulus
  • this is awesome, another great design!
  • Just discovered a small bug in the mask function of the sequencer. Working on a fix, I'll post an updated unit as soon as I figure it out. It comes and goes. Sometimes you will get a very short pulse when a step is masked.
  • I'm on a windows machine for the time being, I would just like to express gratitude for putting labels as well as diagrams.
  • I thought I'd scale back the graphics until they were cross-platform.