FREE COPIES OF AUDULUS for Music Educators & Classes! See post for details
  • Hello! Mark from Audulus here.

    Are you or do you know a music educator? Audulus would like to offer FREE COPIES of Audulus 3 for music classes of any level, at any institution. This includes situations where you would have students bring their own private devices, not just on institutional machines.

    iOS (iPhone and iPad), Mac, Windows, and Linux are all options.

    I'm also offering my personal help in designing any kind of curriculum for any level you may have. Here is an example of our growing documentation that can be helpful when teaching students:

    If you're not a music educator yourself, please share my contact info with someone who is!

    Reach out to me at:

    Thank you!
  • How funny, I reached out to you via the FB page not knowing that this is something that you actually WANT to do. lol awesome, thanks so much for paying it forward! I may send a couple of colleagues to ya sir. Blessings. Spaze
  • @SpazeCraft - excellent! Did you get my message about emailing me? Have them just email me directly as well :)
  • Do you have free copies ? In windows