Audiobus with es-8
  • I can get another app as a the mic input (or adc channel 1 and 2 ) into Audulus using Audiobus3 but not when the es-8 is plugged into the iPad. Is there a work around? Is there an app that might work better than Audiobus?
  • This is a bug and will be fixed soon! :)
  • Oh wait are you on iOS11? Maybe I'm not understanding you...
  • I'm running iOS 10.3.3, is 11 out yet? I think the basic issue is that Audulus either assigns all inputs from audiobus or from the es-8. I would like to mix and match if possible.
  • I see I see nevermind - there's a separate issue with the Mic input not working on iOS11. I'll talk to Taylor about this today.

    Just so I have you straight, you want to, say, have a stereo synth from iPad coming in on 1&2 through Audiobus, then have the other outputs be for the ES-8? It honestly might be a bit of a challenge programming-wise, but we'll see.
  • I've been playing around with AUM recently. It's a killer audio mixer for iOS. I was able to route a synth app and my iTrack interface into a mixing bus and then into Audulus. AUM supports Audiobus 3, IAA, iOS AU plugins and Ableton link. It has multiple mixing buses, a MIDI clock, latency compensation and a recorder built in. Depending on exactly what you want to do, it might just fit the bill. Audulus only sees the "system" audio device and iOS only allows one system audio device at any given time. Both Audiobus and AUM essentially become the system device to supported apps and then perform the routing external to the app. The ES-8 should appear as a hardware I/O to AUM and should then be able to be mixed with various other audio sources. I'm not sure if AUM would support DC passthrough from the the ES-8 and I don't have anything to test it with. In any case AUM is an excellent tool for iOS music creation.
  • So all my troubles may be solved if I put aim at the end of my audio chain? I wonder if this means sacrificing multiple outs of cv with Audulus.
  • I'm currently testing AUM and Audiobus 3 with my Focusrite 6i6 which has 6 channels in and out and so far I'm don't seem to be able to get Audulus to launch from within Audiobus or directly in AUM using IAA if the Focusrite is connected. I can get other IAA apps to load in AUM with the Focusrite but so far not Audulus. Audulus and AUM seem to work fine with a 2 channel input-only iTrack. I've found that this stuff sometimes takes some fooling around, so I'll let you know if I get it working. AUM seems to works fine with the Focusrite otherwise, I did notice that, as I expected, when the Focusrite is connected I can't select the internal mike or speaker.
  • Hope I can get AUM working with Audulus and the 6i6. There's a lot more in this app than I realized:
  • After further playing around, I've decided that even if I could get Audulus to launch, It probably won't do what we want. When I create a channel in AUM I can select any single or pair of inputs or outputs to send to or from the application, but as far as I can see there is no way to send or receive multiple channels from the same app. They would have to be mixed down to one pair for input and a single pair would be output which could be mixed with other sources. It doesn't seem possible in either AUM or Audiobus to have more than one instance of an app running, so you would still be limited to one pair of channels in and out of Audulus. Until iOS allows multiple audio devices similar to the mac, I don't think you will be able to fully use the ES-8 with Audiobus or AUM.
  • Well I bought aum, I shall have to explore it next week. I have a performance tomorrow and it looks like it will be 100% Audulus with Eurorack :)
  • I don't think you will be disappointed. I've been very impressed with it's capabilities. Found out this morning that it has both a hard and soft (tanh) clip as well as EQ, mid-side processing, stereo panning, peak limiting and more. I think it's everything you could want in an iOS mixer/recorder. Hopefully Taylor will implement multi-channel I/O in IAA and eventually Apple will support aggregate audio devices on iOS. Let me know if you can get Audulus to launch (and not crash) in AUM when the ES-8 is connected. I only have one multichannel I/O device that will work with the iPad, and it, Audulus and AUM don't get along. I've reported it as a bug to Mark.
  • I have been able to get the same audulus patch to load twice in AUM by loading it first in one channel in AUM, then loading it into Audiobus and loading Audiobus as a second channel in AUM. But it is 2 instances of the same patch only.
    My understanding is that Audulus would need to be available as auV3 to be able to load two different patches - is that true (and on the horizon)?
  • @bkbelton - yes, we're currently working on AU3 implementation for Audulus! It will be quite a game changers for us on iOS :)
  • Sorry that statement was incorrect - I can load 2 instances of the Audiobus/Audulus source in AUM.