Chord Inverter and Arpeggiator
  • @RobertSyrett mentioned an ascending arpeggiator in a comment which got me thinking. Here's a chord inverter that will generate inversions of up to five notes in 1 per octave form. If up/down is high it steps the inversions up the scale and vice versa. The arpeggiator generates arpeggios in either direction of up to five notes. I attached a demo using my version of the O&C neo-Riemannian apps well as @biminiroad's excellent seven saws oscillator, slew module and percussion and one of @SansNom's kick-ass filters.
    Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 5.21.44 PM.png
    1299 x 757 - 176K
    Chord Flipper and Arpeggiator.audulus
    Chord Flipper and Arpeggiator Demo.audulus
  • I just realized that the demo is using 42 oscillators, 4 ADSRs, at least 4 filters, a bunch of sample and hold units, 16 channels of mixing, and too many expression nodes to count, and it still is running at around 30-35% CPU on my old iMac. Let's see you do that on a modular. Audulus continues to amaze me!
  • VERY NICE! I love it man this is gonna revolutionize the way I make music!!!

    I did a quick lil instagram post on this with the new mixer...
  • Wow, the travel time between errant thought and instagram demo on the Audulus instagram was lightening fast! Thank you so much @stschoen! I'm looking forward to trying this out on the MI braids module I just got in the mail.
  • this is awesome stschoen!
  • @stschoen - do you have an Instagram account? If so I'll give you a shoutout when I make videos of your patches :)
  • Got one now! I'm very flattered that you think it's worth making a demo of. The percussion really makes it rock. A sequencer driving the drums would be sweet.
  • Holy crap this is good!!! There are some seriously creative patcher's here. I look forward to my daily check in on the boards!
  • Did I mention...I love you guys?