opening patches on OS X versus iOS
  • the self generating patches that I make will play properly on my iPad and iphone, but when i open them on my MacBook the sample and hold or random modules all only output zero and won't work.
  • @ahmuwalde - could you show us the patch you created? because without it, it wont be possible to help... another way to get help is to write an email to ;)
  • cool, thanks for the advice. do you mean screenshots?
  • You can upload the audulus patch to the forum, others can download them, and then meaningful feedback can occur. Screenshots are good too.
    Bonita Strange Love.audulus
  • i guess never mind. i just opened the patch on my laptop and it finally worked.
  • Its crazy, I think I was my wifi not updating my iCloud drive. I'm glad you guys really helped me out. RobertSyrett that patch is amazing!
  • HAPPY ENDING! Also I have the same problem with my dropbox sometimes. I kind of wish there was a force to sync feature that actually worked sometimes. Wifi is a truly dark art.

    Also thanks for the complement!