Sort of a waveshaper LFO with Synth funktion
  • Don't know if the logic is right and everything els...but somehow it worked out. U can get some funny and interesting waveforms...use it as a LFO or some sort of Synth...
    50-50 Waver.audulus
    2048 x 1536 - 466K
  • I definitely love this about Audulus. I really hope Audulus 4 has an improved Oscilloscope (Auscilloscope?) node, because the only thing that beats waveshaping LFO's is waveshaping an audio rate signal and watching the waveform change on an oscilloscope.
  • That's what I was trying to figure out...!so it's def not possible...?yea,hope for audulus 4....but I love audulus....!!!its like mine craft (which I was never really into,I'm more a 7 days to die kinda guy), but for synths...
  • You gotta use these phasors to craft some waveforms and then you use those oscillators to craft some synthesizers... LOL
  • Hey Robert, the 7 waves osc is from you...totes forgot!!!that patch inspired me!
  • @RobertSyrett - part of me trading in my DATA is that a scope is coming (relatively) soon in Audulus. I'm begging Taylor to add it to v3 instead of waiting for v4. Would make my demoing life much easier.
  • Wait you sold data!? Wow. I'm keeping that thing forever.
  • @RobertSyrett - yeah, I figure it's redundant if Audulus has a scope? I know you're not always looking at your Audulus screen, but I wasn't really using the DATA for any more than a scope (not really as an oscillator or whatever). It's a beautiful module and I wouldn't mind having one just for fun, I just don't have the space for it. Plus it got me that beautiful filter!
  • Data has calibrated inputs and outputs. That proved really important for recalibrating my Bermuda oscillator's octave tracking. Also, it helped me to determine the scaling on my ES-8 with audulus. I can't really bear to part with it, but then again I have a few more hp to work with.
  • @RobertSyrett - that calibration is something I'm hoping we'll have in Audulus 4! But yeah makes sense :)