Microtonal scale modulater
  • A custom or 12ET scale is modulated across the same custom scale or a 12ET scale, with an option for choosing major or minor scale modulated from each note of the base scale. Scales are depicted in the c scale and the root note of everything is set by the root key knob. There's microtone/12ET buttons and a button to turn off maj/min option. The microtone scales are plugged in internally. Creating a menu of scales is too processor intensive to implement.

    The demo uses quad voicing (riffs) through the module to produce chords.
    Microtonal scale modulater.audulus
    Microtonal scale modulater demo.audulus
  • Nice work! I just posted my version of the variable quantizer from the O&C module which also supports alternate note values.
  • Hi Jimbo – interesting! Nice demo.

    I've been taking a look at how it all works – I'm still a bit confused by the major/minor part of it. Will take a closer look tomorrow.
  • Hi Rudiger, The maj/min changes the top scale to a maj or min version of whatever is selected, rooted from the note on the base scale below it. If the maj/min is turned off, the top scale plays only selected notes.

    The philosophy of this device is that:

    1. The more notes are microtuned away from ET, the more change there is in character when the key is shifted, transforming its "character" into something completely different.

    2. To keep the character of the scale, the top scale is played, rooted from the note selected on the bottom scale, shifting its "tonal center".

    I read that ET was best at key changes so started there but found that shifting the microtuned scale along its own microtuned scale for key changes sounded best.

    Am updating this, transpose added...
    Microtonal scale modulater demo(7).audulus
  • Hej Jimbo, thanks for the updated demo.
    I've been playing around with it a bit and am beginning to get the hang of it.

    There's so much going on! I've started by just looking at one level at a time and that's helped.

    Two details – it could be nice to have some kind of indication of the ratios displayed without having to open up the patch. Also the labelling of the buttons had me a little confused at first. E.g. Major/minor could perhaps just be “Major On”, with the Major/Minor label in the middle. Spread is also something I would probably think of as range. But perhaps that's just me!

    Anyway, thanks for interesting work.
  • Thanks, will update to indicate the ratios, label the maj/min, range sounds better. Will look at designing in knobs to adjust tuning later, needs jiggling around a bit.

    The transpose was useful to add because, as in the last demo it can be adjusted to mimic the left hand on piano, going back up to root note, with the help of a saw tooth wave modulation starting the phrase at root note.

    The number of notes selected changes the transpose value, so need to watch for that.

    About that scale being used, it has enhanced minors, which really effected how I used it, hence the chord choices and vibe of the demo.

    There's added notes in the demo patch as well.
  • I love the patches you've been coming up with Jimbo - I basically just leave them playing in the background while I work. So pleasant! This one reminds me of old Gameboy games. All it needs is a build up to a blast beat and a screaming catchy solo over it and a raunchy bass under it! Well done.