New documentation is great.
  • Just saw the new Audulus online documentation. Wow! Excellent job, I know what a slog writing good documentation can be. It was always one of my failings as a coder. Thanks for all the hard work.
  • WTF? Why is there no stickied announcement? This is like @biminiroad published his thesis and didn't tell anyone ;-)

    Edit: I can see now that it's more of a work in progress. Still I'm glad that some of the nodes now have some of the more extensive documentation they deserve. Way cool!
  • lol I didn't realize Taylor had done this myself. And yes it's still a work in progress - but have at it people!

    This is what they're referring to:

    NOTE: I created these graphics with a black background, so they might look a little off - will change graphics accordingly.
  • Also, would appreciate any error-catching/editing/suggestions/feedback people have.
  • I agree the new online documentation is great!

    @biminiroad - I think i found an error. at least i think its not intended to be like that.
    the wikipedia adress is not clickable.. because of no space inbetween the [e] and the link + it looks like its part of the semantics while it actually is a link to a discription.
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  • Yes, I found myself going back and learning a lot even with some of the basic nodes and modules. Very nice to have a clear overview!
  • This is a fantastic piece of work, well worth the wait! Thank you Mark!
  • I find myself wishing for something similar for all the wonderful user patches that have been appearing in the forum – some kind of user Wiki?. Even though I spend quite a bit of time looking through all the threads I keep on coming across things that I've somehow missed. There's the forum patch collection download, but there are new things appearing all the time, and older things being updated. A collected home on the web with an overview along the lines of the Audulus documentation could be really useful.

    The conversations as patches/modules are being developed are fascinating and a great place to learn, but it could also be handy to have some kind of summary description/explanation once things once have reached some kind of semi-permanent state.

    A kind of Modular Grid for the Audulus forum?
    A bit of an undertaking I know, but I can imagine that it could be really useful.
  • @Rudiger - this is something we're planning on. It'll be when Taylor has the money to hire a web guy to revamp the forum, I think. And yes, a lot of good info/convos get buried in the sands of time in this forum.

    Also protip: The forum's search function is just terrible. I don't know why but it is. If you really want to find something, search on google " [search terms]" and you'll zero right in on it.

    Will be updating the forum patch collection today btw :)