How to 'Add' Modules in windows version and other questions
  • Just got the windows version and enjoying it. Got a question. how do you 'add' modules like in ios where I just DL a module off the forum then just 'add' it in audulus for future use? It seems like there is no option on windows. Is there any workaround or quicker way to organize modules dl'd from the forum? Thanks!
  • @glasspipe - create a folder named audulus in your documents folder and copy/paste all downloaded modules into this folder...


    all modules inside this new folder will be available via the right click menu ;)
  • I actually made a folder called audulus modules in my docs but i couldn't view it in the right click menu. I'll follow your advice exactly. Thanks a lot!
  • @glasspipe - yeah it doesnt work when its called something like "audulus modules" or in my case i named it "audulus stuff" but "audulus" alone works ;)
  • @Phal-anx, thanks a lot, this worked like a charm!