Emulation Noob
  • hi! maybe you have some resources for me.
    let's just say i were to attempt cloning a famous device... for instance, i'm considering buying this synthesizer (roland sh-09) and i'dd like to build it in Audulus to check it's work flow first. it's a relatively simple device.

    i have the service manual, and it shows me precisely how the machine is built: http://www.cyborgstudio.com/drummachinemp3s/roland/sh09/manual/sh09servicemanual.pdf

    is there a guide i can use that tells how these components translate to audulus nodes ? lets say i wanted to take it one step further than "Keyboard / Oscillator / LPF / ADSR / Audio Out" ? how did you guys start out ?

    thank you, you're all very beautiful
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  • Also, you might start aggregating videos and other documents on this thread, so you and others can revisit this project.

  • damn, i wish i had an SH-09 here to use as reference.