"Clear History" on Windows?
  • Hi. I can't seem to find the "Clear History" button in the Windows version of Audulus. Based on some videos I've seen of the Mac version, it should be in the Edit menu, but it's not.

    I only just downloaded Audulus a few days ago, so I'm pretty so I have the most recent version. Is the Windows port lagging behind feature-wise, or did I somehow download an older version?
  • Copy all, then open a new document and paste.
  • Ah, ok. Thanks for the fast response. Was the Clear History option removed in favor of that method?
  • I think the windows version is just past due for an update, hopefully one will be coming soon. Windows also needs SVG and multiple i/o. There are somethings that I like about the Windows version and other things bug me a little. Another big thing is that I really think that the windows version should be closer to the iOS version and you should be able to use it with just the touch interface, but there might be multi-touch implementation that is holding it back.