Turing variation
  • I was looking at the action of this machine, thanks to @stschoen for posting your Turing patch. I came up with a system to store a value in the bit. The top half of the value is used or it is flipped over with a "1-x" bit flip. This means the bit can be stored even tho the pulse is low. I built it up and came up with this...

    Turing Machine vJ
    -When random knob is to the right, a random value generated when the bit is flipped high and is stored.
    -When random knob is to the left, a random value is generated when the bit is not flipped and is stored.
    -Value or "CV" freeze. the current values are kept and just flipped over when the pulse goes low and comes back again when the pulse goes high.
    -Doubled the stack with added length of 24 and 32.
    -To clear a pattern you have to hold the button for the whole sequence. It just saves on connections.
    -Added column of pulses for the complete pulse high stage.
    -"CV" value column.

    On the "center/range" knobs, the range is the ratio between the center and 1 in the + direction and 0 in the - direction. When fed value between 0 and 1, it will stay within 0 and 1.

    No graphics, am on windows version.
    Turing machine vJ.audulus
    Turing machine vJ demo.audulus
    Turing vJ.png
    1366 x 715 - 221K
  • Cool! Neat variation on the design. Hopefully you guys will have the SVG node in the next release.
  • Thanks for this Jimbo! bootsandpants bootsandpants bootsandpants...very musical and good design.