STOP POSTING ON THIS FORUM: Check out the new Audulus forum! Reregister today!


    Audulus is migrating the forum over to - this is a temporary URL, but right now, you can go there and sign up for a new account and start posting.

    This forum will be archived in the next couple days. After it has been archived, you will not be able to download anything from the forum, but you will be able to look at it and link to it.

    IF YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD ANY OF YOUR PATCHES DO IT NOW. I will be going through the forum over the next day or two and downloading everything I can. That said, I may miss something! *Always back up your valuable patches and do not treat the forum as a sole backup.*

    We are sorry that we couldn't migrate this old forum over to the new one entirely, but it will be worth the change. There is so. much. more. you can do on the new forum. Just look at this post for example!

    If you have any trouble with the new forum, you can just message me @biminiroad on there. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY HERE! Make a new account at the new forum and message me there.

    Thank you, and see you on the new forum soon!