ATTENTION: Audulus Forum is Rebooting at Discourse! See post for details :)
  • The Audulus forum is undergoing a long overdue upgrade. We will be using to host it. If you've had any experience with a discourse forum (like ) you know how awesome an upgrade this is.

    The new forum will be live later this week - possibly by Friday.

    However, there are some significant downsides.

    1) You will have to create a new login at the new forum.
    2) You will NOT be able to download ANYTHING from this forum once we archive it - this includes patches AND screenshots. I will be going through the forum in the next couple days and downloading everything I can, but I may miss something. Make sure you download everything you want to save! Although screenshot previews are broken, you can still click on the files and it will link to them where you can download them.


    1) This forum will still be available (possibly at or something like that) and you can link to conversations.
    2) Feel free to copy/paste original posts you've made from here to the new forum (your posts only please).
    3) All of the forum patches from this site will be available in one big zip file on the new site.
    4) Discourse is sooo much better that I promise you this will be worth it!

    In the long run, the period of time this forum spent in its renaissance with Audulus 3 will seem like a drop in the bucket compared to what it will be on discourse. Think of it like the admittedly painful transition from Audulus 2 to 3 where we lost a lot of old patches and had to remake things, but will never have to do that again going forward.

    I will also be coming through and messaging everyone on the forum to take a look at this post and grab what you can while you can.

    Attached is a screenshot of what the forum looks like now - I'm still building it up. If you have any suggestions about the new forum, post them below! Even though the preview is broken, just click on the broken image icon and it will show you a preview.
    Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 8.32.02 PM.png
    2368 x 1646 - 434K
  • Can you dig it?
  • @Robertsyrett LOL YESSSSS!!!!!

    Oh and in case you didn't notice in the preview, we'll now be doing support on the forum. It was a losing battle to get people to email us, but this way at least you'll be able to search through topics and possibly find solutions faster!
  • For anyone relatively new to the forum, it’s not a very viable option NOW to go through every single post looking for any patch downloads that might be helpful. In my opinion, knowing that those posts were there for when I am learning something for the first time was a great benefit. I fear that if I lose that resource, the excitement about Audulus is going to be strained because learning it without those helpful patches is going to be a LOT harder. Is there NO way to save them in some kind of download section?
  • @motmeister - All of the patches will be saved and available in one zip file, and I'll try to keep them organized, but there's a diminishing return for how specifically i categorize each one vs. how long it takes to do all of that.

    I will clarify: the warning is for the people who have basically been using the forum as their cloud storage. I just want to make sure they have everything backed up that they want to keep in case I miss something.

    I expect a lot of the best most active forum users here will port their tutorial posts and modules over to the new forum anyway.

    Moving over to this new forum in fact will only make *more* educational resources, not fewer. It might take a week or two to really build them up, but it should be pretty quick.
  • I am kind of bummed that I won't be able to look back through the records, comment on old chestnuts and reawaken threads. But I suppose I should think positive. Maybe it will spurn a new tirade. Also, on an iPad, it is easy to access a patch next to a post -- I hope this is preserved.

    Finally, please consider separating the forum from the library. Facebook has somehow made it acceptable to have a scroll fest every time you need to find things -- facebook *shudders*

    Over at the Reaktor base this is implemented nicely. The heads over there go back a decade or two, they will dig out a patch from years ago and upload a few dozen presets here and there, or take some bits and pieces and make frankenpatches.

    Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 12.01.41 AM.png
    1241 x 711 - 403K
  • @futureaztec I think you will be able to link to the old forum posts but you won't be able to post new stuff there (here). Personally I can't make heads or tails of the NI forums, it seems like its all lumped together. At least on Audulus there are categories over on the right that let me know where to dive if I have questions.

    I have a feeling that there will be a period of frustration while we all adjust, but the pros will outweigh the cons in the long run. If you check out other forums that run on discourse you will see that it's approximately 1000 times easier to track the threads you are interested in and delve into the past. There is even a feature that searches the title of new posts so that, if you are posting on a topic that has been covered repeatedly, older threads on the topic pop up. It'll be good.
  • @futureaztec

    "Also, on an iPad, it is easy to access a patch next to a post -- I hope this is preserved."

    Yes, it will be easier on iPhone too since now the mobile site will be more optimized (currently you have to go to the full site to get downloads).

    "Finally, please consider separating the forum from the library. Facebook has somehow made it acceptable to have a scroll fest every time you need to find things -- facebook *shudders*"

    What do you mean exactly? The forum is already separate from the library.
  • @biminiroad "What do you mean exactly? The forum is already separate from the library."



    It seems to me that new modules get posted here on the forum in a subtopic, rather than a proper website, unless you have a library address I am not aware of.

    @RobertSyrett "Personally I can't make heads or tails of the NI forums, it seems like its all lumped together. At least on Audulus there are categories over on the right that let me know where to dive if I have questions."

    Please check out the links above and reconsider your position. :) Even click on one of the items and notice how the people provide version histories, questions are asked, etc. The forum is a whole other destination.
  • @futureaztec - The module library is curated to ensure things like @LordGogo's awesome ER1 don't automatically get added without first scrubbing trademarked logos, for example (for the record, it's fine and looks great to just do that and post it on the forum, it just couldn't be in the released version as-is).

    Or someone dropping an f-bomb inside their patch documentation, which would violate Apple's terms of service.

    Once we get the forum up and running and I get a handle on the documentation for what exists in the user library already, I can add patches at a more steady clip.

    On the new forum, there's a Modules category that is subdivided into the basic categories of all the synth modules. It should be as easy or easier to navigate than the reaktor library.

    On the new forum, it'll be easy for people do edit their initial posts with version histories and do all sorts of great stuff. You'll see! :)
  • @biminiroad I think that there is a bit of misunderstanding here. The Reaktor user library does not exist within the software. It is merely a way of organizing user made content, that appears to be mostly self managed. I am pointing this out because I truly believe that the way you have built your software from the ground up is very unique and has a bright future. One of the things (besides the elegance of the math/logic functions) that will really put Audulus over the top is being able to build AUv3 modules that can be loaded into an iOS DAW. At present, everything I do in Reaktor is not transferable to an iPad. The power of my MacBook compared to an iPad is a joke. Ableton, compared to Beatmaker 3 or Cubasis is also not even barely in the same league. Further, I don't get too far making tracks before my CPU on the iPad gets jittery. That being said, for some reason I keep picking up the iPad. There is something exciting and grass roots about the community.

    So to clear some misunderstanding. The Reaktor user library is just a way to organize modules on a website. But there is no bundling of those modules/patches/graphics/presets, etc., when you purchase the software. What is absolutely amazing about Reaktor, and Audulus, is that once you buy the software, you have access to countless tools, synths, sequencers and effects; if you know what you are doing you can build virtually anything and you can dive into the guts of it all and take pieces and build other things.

    So I don't see how that would put you in the awkward position of including a GROK module in the actual software. When you purchase Reaktor, all you get is the approved, curated library -- which is small. Then you go to the user library and browse through a properly organized (over a decade old) archive of work.

    I am not seeking agreement here, I just wanted people to understand what I was saying -- which clearly they weren't as you see in the posts above.

    As you take the next step toward AUv3, my prediction is that this may explode in interest and displaying a massive library of items that is not inside the app could be the best way to grow the user base. This doesn't been you don't move forward, implementing the new forum. It means that you consider reviewing the possibility for a separate archive, that would decrease the time you would have to spend managing data as the size increases.
  • @futureaztec - i think what you want is what's there in the new forum - look at the picture attached here. The only top level topics allowed in these subcategories will be for modules. Isn't that what you want?

    Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 1.03.16 PM.png
    972 x 316 - 52K
  • @biminiroad I will have to click around and find out once it is up. I'm sure it is going to be great. I'm really stoked to be able to watch all of this happening. I am not an electrical or sound engineer. My training is in academic philosophy. But I can assure you, from that vantage, the insights I am gaining are exciting. I am currently signed up for a summer class on formal logic -- not sure I will be able to stay enrolled this summer, but it is part of a backup plan. I have done a bit of work around the era of Frege and Husserl. But I have also been mucking around in the area of DeLanda and Delueze for years -- so I see a lot of this as coextensive with my other interests.
  • @futureaztec, I think you’ll be pleased with the new forum. Things are obviously still in flux but we’re trying to organize the user module library so that it won’t be a scroll fest. Stay tuned!