Korg ER1 Synthesis Engine
  • Hi, I made this patch which is a recreation of the Korg ER1 synthesis engine. I attach also a demo where it's driven by euclidean sequencers. I tried to ba as basic as I could to save CPU.
    Hope you'll like it !

    You can see the demo here : https://youtu.be/7hjNr6d1OPk

    #_Korg ER1 engine V1.0 - Lord Gogo - 2018.audulus
    #_Korg ER1 engine V1.0 - Lord Gogo - 2018 - DEMO.audulus
    1080 x 1080 - 126K
  • What?! :D

    I like the use of SVGs and of course the sounds are on point, very useful.
  • Yes! This sounds so good. Great look
  • This is insanely good - have just been tweaking it for the last 30 minutes. So many amazing sounds in there!
  • Thank you ! I just need to fix 2 issues ; the bass boost level when set at maximum should be a bit louder. And when the noise waveform is selected thé mod.speed don't do anything but the Korg does some kind of metallic modulation. Beside those details I'm very proud of it. Wait for the next patches, still in the percussion domain !
  • I can send you the SVG if you need them and design custom one for anyone, I work as a freelance graphic designer.
  • Fantastic. I will definitely be using this for percussion in tracks... I know you are modelling the Korg machine but have you considered having a midi input, rather than just a trigger? I am tempted to put a module before it and wire up some of the knobs to midi expressions such as velocity, but then I loose the cleanliness of the front panel.
  • There is a gate input top left, so you can trig it via midi if you want, or you can assign midi note to the trig button. Let me know if you have troubles. Look at my demo too, I do control some knobs with an LFO.
  • The SVG files !
    SVG Korg.zip
  • What I mean is not the idea that you could send a binary on off trigger message into your module. I was angling toward the idea of being able to introduce full midi information at a clean input node on the face plate. Does that make sense? I have a particular interest in percussion, because I have a Keith McMillen Bop Pad, which registers awesome midi data depending on where you strike it, how hard, etc. Mod Wheel Data is midi standard, for example. So the drum interface I have has been set up to use this data as an output to midi synths, in order to make it expressive. It really shines with FM Synths -- DX7 style. Maybe if I get some more time I will try to rig up an an example -- but I am just getting familiar with the Audulus vernacular.