Know Your Nodes pt 3 - Imitation Electric Piano
  • How to make an FM piano sound in less than 10 minutes from the nodes up.

    Also, here is a song by the band Imitation Electric Piano

    edit @golgoth if you are out there, I'm curious what you think.
    Imitation Electric Piano.audulus
  • Nice video, especially like the description during the creation of the decay spline as you’re sharing your knowledge with the viewer to make their life easier.
  • @paulinko The feedback and encouragement are much appreciated!
  • @RobertSyrett, I haven't had a chance to watch these as yet because I just had cataract surgery and I'm limiting my computer time to give my eye a break. I'll get the other one done in couple of weeks but I should have a chance to give these the attention they deserve before then. I've been filling the time by playing around with my new UltraNova. I'm very impressed with the range of sounds it's capable of and how flexible it is from patching standpoint. I'm hoping to recreate its arpeggiator or something similar in Audulus, it's definitely killer!
  • @stschoen No worries! Here's wishing you a speedy recovery. Also, I'll be counting on you for a little help with the video dedicated to the expression node ;-)