Know Your Nodes pt 2 - Phase Modulation
  • I'm still basically doing this without editing the video so this video went a bit long. I hope it makes sense since I ended up doing a ton of takes (notice the time on the clock) so if you have any questions please ask here so I can clarify.

    I also go over how to add your modules to the right-click menu on the mac version of Audulus 3.

    Please continue to let me know what you think I should cover next. Thank you in advance :)
    presentation patches.audulus
    phase modulation oscillator.audulus
  • I'm jealous and yet so happy for this series. I'm inspired by your videos and they make me want to do better - but one thing I can't help is that your voice is just so great! I really hope you inspire others to create their own series of tutorials as well. I can tell these are going to be super helpful to the community.
  • Also: I would really suggest starting a Patreon page or something where we can donate to you. I get paid to work for Audulus, but if I wasn't, I would definitely be looking to monetize this. Not saying put it behind a paywall, but this is REALLY great work, and it deserves to be rewarded. And, selfishly, I think if you start making money at this, you would do this more often and for longer! muahaha

    I for one am good for $5/mo for these videos, and would pitch in to anyone else doing consistently great tutorials like these! Even though I work for Audulus, I still lean heavily on users like Robert to learn things about Audulus, so it's worth it to me.

    And people! Subscribe to Robert on YouTube - if he wants to monetize, he needs subscribers and views.

    What I would love you to cover next is algorithmic sequencing. Like maybe a breakdown of what's already here in Audulus, but also other techniques yet to be explored. Perhaps that's jumping a little too far ahead if you're trying to build up from simple to complex, but it's one of the most exciting things about Audulus for me. I love random sequencers, but they can sound, well, just plaino random after a while.

    It would also be great to have a walkthrough every once and a while for a completed patch you did - like a song in a patch and you just walking everyone through module by module your decisions and how you set it up the way you did.

    And in the future, once you figure out OBS and can get your iPad/iPhone hooked up as a camera to view your modular, it would be amazing to see Eurorack/Audulus videos.

  • Wow, high praise! Honestly I have pretty horrible congestion right now, so I just slapped a little EQ and compression on it in Ableton. I'm not really sure how to do anything complex in Adobe Premiere (I can't justify Final Cut right now) so I'm just minimally editing the audio in Ableton and then matching it to the screen recording.

    I have no doubt that with your superior editing skills and deep knowledge of Audulus you will return to making great tutorials when the time is right :)
  • > iPad/iPhone hooked up as a camera to view your modular, it would be amazing to see Eurorack/Audulus videos.

    That has been the long-term goal. I had been planning to use my windows laptop (the computer in the room with the eurorack) as the hub for patching and recording, but OBS crashes Audulus and the less said about the windows version of Audulus the better. So I'm just going to try and do the best I can with what I have. I'll figure something out.

    Still I really like the idea of going back over a completed patch and explain what's going on, that should be more interesting to people who already know how to use Audulus. I might record some stuff and play the music while talking about the patch with screen capture, intercut with patch footage. Also, I really have very little lighting to make a suitable video, so don't expect me to be Div Kid with tight in-focus shots and informational overlays.

    Also thanks again for the support, I'll give some actual consideration to making a patreon and what I could provide to subscribers. My only hesitation is that I was also thinking of using my channel for painting and drawing and personal videos to share with friends, but I suppose making separate youtube channels wouldn't be super difficult.
  • @RobertSyrett Great! Thank you.
  • @Rudiger Thanks for checking it out!
  • Fantastic video. Like how you check all of the boxes for theory, practical application, as well as tips on how to use Audulus 3 at a reasonable pace. Audulus 3 is definitely an under utilized tool for people who want to learn about synthesis especially on iOS as it’s the only app that allows you to program patches at such a deep level on your devices as there’s no practical editors for languages like Pd, CSound, or Super Collider on iOS plus being able to easily exam the output/input anywhere in your patch along with the searchable patches, modules, and nodes in the recent update along with the online help and forum aren’t available anywhere else on iOS.
  • @Paulinko Thank you for the feedback, phase modulation is one of my favorite topics lately so I actually had to restrain myself on the topic :P

    Audulus is definitely a first of it's kind on iOS. I really do hope that it will continue to evolve into a tool that more people use when they want to sketch out an Idea that they don't think exists anywhere else.
  • @RobertSyrett Yes, even an app like MobMuPlat which allows people to use Pd which has a large number of patches and is free hasn’t taken off on iOS because there’s not a good programming environment and you need to use a computer to create the GUI for your patch. With Audulus, you do it all with the same app and it supports IAA and Audiobus. Audulus can be a really good way to learn about synthesis and programming in a visual way which utilizes the touch surface capabilities of iOS.
  • Excellent job! I finally had a chance to watch the series, and I'm very impressed. Particularly good explanation of PM vs. FM. Personally I suspect that Yamaha chose to use FM because it was a term most people were already familiar with from radio.
  • >Personally I suspect that Yamaha chose to use FM because it was a term most people were already familiar with from radio.

    This is probably true.
  • Excellent! I learned a good amount from this one. You're doing a great job of balancing information vs. patching/examples while keeping a steady and not-rushed pace.

    "phase modulation is one of my favorite topics lately so I actually had to restrain myself on the topic :P"

    Looking forward to Phase Modulation: Part 2! ;)
  • @RileyGuy it already happened with KYN pt 3! Seriously though, I'm seeing everything in terms of phase right now.