MIDI routing for velocity sensitive drum machine
  • I'm super new to Audulus, but well versed in synthesis and an old Max and Pure Data head. I'm poking around some example patches and trying to figure out how to best deal with MIDI.
    My goal is to create a simple drum machine that I can play with a velocity sensitive controller. I've found the MIDI Keyboard and Trigger nodes, but I don't see a way that I could route "Note 36 with velocity" to the Kick module, for example, since the Trigger node doesn't output a velocity - it seems to only be a strict trigger. Any help would be appreciated!
  • @peter_sensel - the gate off the keyboard node has velocity - would a scheme like this work?
    Velocity Sensitive Note Specific Drums.audulus
  • Thanks much for the example. I'll give this a run and see if I can make a 16 drum kit. It seems that it might be a bit expensive, since all the MIDI routing is done as signal, but there's only one way to find out!
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  • Something I found along the way that is a bit strange. If the "MIDI Keyboard Module" is in Legato mode, then it reports a floating point velocity out the gate. However in the Poly modes, the Keyboard reports only 0/1 for velocity. Is that a bug? The documentation doesn't give any indication this is the expected behavior.
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  • @peter_sensel that's probably an oversight thanks for pointing it out!
  • Wait are you referring to the module or the node?
  • The node. Using the menus, Create->MIDI->Keyboard.
  • Here's the Drum Machine I made. It parses incoming midi to trigger sounds with notes 36-51 (traditional drum pad notes) to match a 4x4 grid. There is a sequencer for each note for extra fun. It's not so friendly on the CPU, so it kind of killed my ambitions for iPad use. But it sounds cool and is fun on my macbook! Thanks for the help!
    Sensel Morph Drums.audulus
  • +1 for fixing this please. As a keyboard player, this is a major obstacle for me. I need that sweet polyphonic velocity. I've been wanting to make a patch where I can trigger an echo on only one note in a chord by playing it hard. Plus it makes those shimmering ep sounds spine tingling. Must have! Thanks a lot! :)
  • Hi.
    I have found a temporary solution for the velocity problem, with the poly 4 settings in the midi keyboard.
    It's there. :)
  • Excellent workaround!
  • In the forthcoming midi overhaul, maybe velocity could just get a separate output?
  • @robertsyrett - that sounds like a good idea to me! Adding it to feature requests :)