Know Your Nodes pt 1.5 - Quick Expressions
  • This is one of those videos that takes a few minutes to watch but can totally change your patching workflow if you don't already know about this technique, making quick expressions and how you might utilize them while patching!

  • Nice! I’ll have to start using this more often.
  • The expression node can definitely get you out of a jam. I wanted to create a knob that worked at audio rates so using an expression node that worked with natural logarithms did the trick so I can use the same knob to select values on the fly between 1 hz and 20 hz without too much difficulty while playing a patch. I’m sure many people new to Audulus or programming would like a tutorial on expressions and conditionals. The great thing with Audulus is using the meter node and value nodes you can always check if what you think is happening in your patch is really happening or not. Another very basic topic is “+” and “-“ which runs throughout Audulus and DSP that can cause lots of problems if people aren’t clear about how they’re used.
  • Nice and to the point. Looks like it is going to be a great video series!
  • @paulinko Thanks for the feedback :) I am hoping to avoid a tutorial specifically on expressions as I foresee it just becoming a laundry list of things. But I will be using expressions in every video and hopefully the uses in context will give you a reason to use the functions discussed. I will be covering knobs really soon when I go over how to make a clock and sequencer from scratch. Can you clarify what you mean by positive and negative values in DSP? The DSP nodes are mostly filters.
  • @RobertSyrett by +/- I refer to when you mix signals, logic and/or, audio/modulation/gate. Multiplication has similar properties. Knowing some basic properties of math can help to orient oneself as to how to get the most out of Audulus.
  • Ah, yeah! I got you. Maybe gates, counters and logic would be a good topic.