Hordijk Phaser
  • After taking a look at NOVARS Rob Hordijk tutorials on the Physics of Sound and his Dual Phaser, I was keen to try out some of the ideas myself.

    The Physics of Sound video takes a look at phase shifting and All Pass Filters, and as a tryout I used the 1 Pole LPF in the Audulus library as a starting point for an APF with nice resonant qualities, and then used that as a point of departure for putting together a phaser along the lines of Hordijk's Dual Phaser. He adds some nice touches such as a switch that flips the direction of half of the modulation input, or keeps half of it static while the other half moves, as well as a fader between LP and Phaser modes. I find the nicest thing is being able to push up resonance and then trigger the phaser with sub-audio pulses for some nice percussive sounds.

    Some quick demos:
    RH-RM Phaser Demo.audulus
    RH-RM Phaser Res Demo.audulus
  • Really nice! I'm impressed at how resonant it sounds with some really nice formant vocal-sounding overtones.
  • This is awesome. I got some nice piano/cello sounds by adding a string exciter and some reverb.
    2048 x 1536 - 297K
  • Very deep sounding! Thanks for sharing :)
  • Here's the phaser 'resonance mode' demo with an updated (micro) Rungler.
    I'll post more on that in the Rungler thread soon.
    RH-RM Phaser Res Rungler Demo .audulus
  • And on the topic of resonance here's a fun interactive visual demonstration: