Virtual Analog Model of the Lockhart Wavefolder
  • I came across a scholarly article on one of my favorite topics and thought I would share it.
  • Hmmm... "first- order antiderivative antialiasing method."
  • Oh, it looks like some comments were deleted somehow :( @stschoen was mentioning that the antialiasing method would require internal oversampling, which Audulus doesn't have yet.
  • I think we lost them in the Forum upgrade. The interesting thing about this article is that they didn’t use oversampling to deal with aliasing, instead using an anti-derivative approach. Unfortunately it requires an iterative calculation that wouldn’t be practical to program in Audulus but might be able to be incorporated into a node. It would be great to have the ability to run Audulus at a higher sample rate and even better if you could flag individual modules to over sample, but the requirement that the code run on iOS does put some limits on what can be done.
  • On a side node, it would be amazing to compile a list of white papers in a forum post, plus tips on how to translate the math jargon into Audulus nodes? Some stuff is pretty straightforward, but others really takes a lot of work to tease out. If there could be some kinda cheat sheet for this it would be amazing.
  • At the moment I’m plowing through this:
    It’s a paper on digitally modeling a Buchla low pass gate. At this point I’m not sure if anything useful will come of it but it should be an interesting project.
  • Oh that is so nuanced! I wonder if this is the DSP Mutable Instruments used in Plait's LPG emulation.
  • I really like the LPG Reaktor block...