MIDI Notes into Drum Patches (BopPad Patch)
  • I have hit a bit of a block here. I have a BopPad Midi drum and I like to build synth drums with it. I have been looking for some patches but I can't seem to get midi notes going. I would like to have snares, congas and the Curvature Micro be responsive to different midi notes rather than having fixed ratios.

    What am I doing wrong?
  • I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do. A simple MIDI in for drums is to attach a trigger to each drum and use the MIDI learn function on the trigger to link it to a MIDI note. This has a couple of disadvantages. At this point Trigger nodes are not channel specific, so if you choose a note that conflicts with something you might want to play on a keyboard you'll get both the keyboard and trigger node responding. Also the trigger is on/off so there is no velocity signal. A better way is to use two keyboard nodes set to different channels with your Bop Pad on one and the keyboard on the other. That way you can separate the two devices. You'll need to use an expression to check which note is being played on the BopPad.
    Here's a sample you can work from. It uses a poly keyboard node with velocity I posted a while back to deal with a bug where the poly keyboard doesn't pass velocity. It separates the MIDI notes and outputs a gate with velocity to each drum. It's set for two note polyphony since you only have two hands. Add more polyphony if you're also using your feet :) Currently set for MIDI channel 4 and notes 36, 37, 38. Configure the channel and notes to match your setup. The conga modules I used aren't very sensitive to velocity, but I see that the BopPad sends a velocity signal so you definitely want to be able to use it.
    BTW, I had a look at the BopPad manual. What a fantastic percussion controller! How are you playing it? It's obviously very flexible from a programming perspective. It's definitely going on the "I'd buy it if I had the money" list.
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    Poly Drum Trigger.audulus
  • I have 3 of the 4 quadrants on the BopPad triggering the drum voices. For some reason #36 won’t register.....

    Also, where do I grab the velocity signal and is there a way to incorporate the mod wheel midi as well? The mod wheel signal is really useful from this pad as sometimes I like to use it to modulate filters and other knobs, that way you can get a variation from the rim to the center for each quadrant. So if I want a snare sound I might use this signal to open and close a noice voice or whatever I want.
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    Poly Drum Trigger x 4.audulus
  • Oh shoot okay velocity is built into the gate. I am used to Reaktor Blocks so I get really turned around. :)
  • Mod wheel is usually CC1. You should be able to tie a knob to the mod wheel.
  • Yes but where do I get the mod value from. See in the Reaktor module below how I just have everything there?
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  • @futureaztec You can assign a MIDI CC# to any knob you want by using MIDI learn for a MIDI CC by long pressing on the knob in Audulus 3 on iOS and it will save the MIDI CC# into the patch. You could even use some other MIDI hardware or app to send the MIDI CC# to the knob in Audulus. You could make copies of patches to correspond to specific MIDI setups of your BopPad.

    You can assign the same or different MIDI CC# to any number of knobs in your Audulus patch and use logic conditionals to filter the received input too.

    Hopefully as the MIDI functionality of Audulus is updated and expanded, it will become easier to do this.
  • Okay I what I did was add a knob and an attenuator, hit midi learn then went into the DAW and tweaked the gui keyboard mod wheel in order to avoid having multiple midi messages being sent at one time. When you are on laptop you can just use the pad editor to disable certain messages in order to do midi learn assignments, but the company does not have an editor for ipad yet.

    I am still totally insure why the 4th quadrant isn't triggering the gate. I can see it reading note 36 on the value meter and the velocity light meter is firing, but the gate input light on the fourth drum voice is not blinking.
    Poly Drum Trigger x 4.audulus
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  • Looks like all the other posts disappeared but it doesn't matter so much because this is where the problem left off anyway. Looking forward to the fix -- it isn't every day you go through some midi troubleshooting and it turns out to be an issue with math in a piece of software. :)
  • Taylor is updating the Forum. The posts may come back.
  • This should take care of the problem. The value node doesn't always show the exact value of a variable. In this case the actual value on the iPad was just slightly higher than 36, due to a rounding error in the expression that converts frequency to a note number. I fixed the problem by rounding the value to the nearest integer. I guess the math library on the iPad is slightly different than the Mac. It's always a bit dicey using an equals expression with a floating point number, and all the values in Audulus are floating point.
    Poly Drum Trigger x 4.audulus
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  • I reordered the midi values so that top to bottom the nodes correspond sequentially to the quadrants on the BopPad 1-4, cleaned up some wires and threw a wave folder on the end. Really happy with how this is working on the iPad. Thanks for all of the help.

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    4 Voice Folded BopPad.audulus