Mutable Instruments Stages

  • This seems like a good candidate for translating into Audulus.
  • You can pretty much duplicate this with the chain-able envelope generator I posted last week. Just combine the modules in whatever configuration you need
  • Indeed. You are the Olivier of Audulus, only it took him two years to make it.
  • I would hardly put myself in the same league. He’s a very talented engineer. Making a workable piece of hardware is much more challenging than programming in Audulus. We may like the imperfections in hardware for that “analog” sound but it certainly makes it more difficult to come up with a design that’s practical. It’s always inspiring to see what the better eurorack designers come up with.
  • Yes indeed! That interview has some lines that have stuck with me and make me chuckle from time to time.

    "In 2013 I started selling my first non-DIY mass-manufactured products, which were Eurorack modules. And it suddenly made the DIY business look very dreadful ... people want DIY kits to be cheap, while a kit requires as much engineering as, and more support than assembled products (whose assembly can now largely automated by the way, unlike stuffing parts in zipper bags)."

    Now whenever I get a DIY kit, I imagine the guy who designed it having to stuff all the bags and feel a little guilty.