First patch / synth. Trout synth
  • Hi all.
    I have been mucking round with iOS synths for the last year or so. Been blown away by the variety and quality of gear out there. Not much of a designer but I finally got round to learning enough about sound synthesis to give Audulus a run. Being quite maths illiterate I’m not much good with the equations and so forth. But I can patch some stuff together and make it work even if it is a bit sloppy design wise.
    Cut and pasted the effect switching setup from a tutorial patch, the rest of the setup is mine. 3vco”’s, low pass filter' some envelopes, and a sprinkle of lfo’s with 5 effect switching via a knob. Was trying to get somewhat of a mini Moog Model d vibe as the new app is quite neat.
    Hopefully I’ll continue to refine my craft and punch out some cool patches.
    Would love to hear what you all think, happy for feedback positive or negative
    Trout synth.audulus
  • You're getting some very nice sounds. The effect switching could use some improvement. I took the liberty of modifying your design using bypass switches rather than a mux/demux. This way you can switch multiple effects in and out. Excellent first patch. Glad to have you aboard!
    Trout synth copy.audulus
    Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 9.09.00 AM.png
    3512 x 2564 - 1M
  • Thank you very much for the switching mod. I knew there would be a less messy way. I like the neatness of that switching setup heaps more. I will put it all in one ui with that mod and make it a standalone unit I think to tidy it up more. Can’t believe the scope of options with audulus. Now if only I’d payed more attention in maths class
    Yeah just had a play. So much better with multiple effects. Cheers legend.
  • @stschoen is truly legend!