MIDI Pitch Bend operation?
  • I must be missing the obvious but I can't find any demos of the Pitch Bend module.

    Working with Live 9.6, I have a MIDI clip with some notes and a pitch bend automation that rise over the duration of the clip.

    When I send the clip to a software synth like operator, I hear the expected result namely a slowly rising tone that hops around a bit as each MIDI note chances.

    When I send the clip to Audulus using the MIDI Keyboard and MIDI Pitch Bend nodes the Notes hop around but I hear the slowly rising tone. I have a Meter/Value node connected to the output of the Pitch Bend node and I don't see any change in value as the clip plays.

    Since this would seem to be the simplest configuration I must conclude that I don't understand something. During my reading up on Pitch Bend I notice a discussion on improving documentation and improving MIDI support.

    An example patch of using Pitch Bend in a very simple configuration would go along way to making the tools more accessible.

  • The only MIDI input currently working in the plug-in is the keyboard node. The pitch bend node and MIDI inputs to triggers and knobs are only functional in the stand-alone version. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next update to the plug-in.
  • Thanks stschoen. Another example of documentation making life easier.