Ableton Link Module
  • How difficult is it to build something like this?

    One thing I really like about link -- besides the fact that BM3, Korg Gadget, VCV Rack, Reaktor 6, Traktor Pro, and Ableton can all be synced up with so much ease -- is that you can, but don't have to run it over wifi. You can just plug your lightening cable into your laptop and link just recognizes it all right away. No settings menu diving, nothing.

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  • There are plans to add Ableton link in a future release.
  • Yeah this would be Insane because I also use (blasphemy) z mors modular for more simple jamming (but its nutbangin complex to me too ). The feature works so well for a modular that I was surprised. Had a simple i machine beat and then synced z mors with abelton link and all these lfo and the time based stuff were synced right off the bat. Fun. Audulus would add a fun factor with some of the pre made modulars and synths with link support. Hails, and ps the new update is SICK.
  • Yeah, one of the reasons I posted this was that some applications have an ableton link button, whilst vcv rack has a module. I wondered if the implementation strategies were different -- ie., could someone who understood the backend programming make a module without needing the host software to be altered?

  • I too would like to have my iPad running Audulus would like it to sync with other apps running on my iPad mini, which is too old to run Audulus' current version.
  • Since Link communicates via the network and Audulus has no network interface exposed as a node, there would be no way to communicate with other Link devices. VCV Rack modules are written in C and have access to the underlying OS so a Link module is possible. That is not necessarily a good thing. Because Audulus modules run in a "sandbox" they have no access to any part of your computer other than Audulus itself. VCV Rack modules have access to the underlying O/S and file system so they can potentially contain malware of various sorts. Since VCV Rack modules can be developed by anyone you are trusting that the ones you choose to use are safe. Something to consider.
  • But this is more of a warning about using VCV Rack in general than it is about using Ableton Link over wifi or lightening to usb hardwire in order to get solid midi sync without all the hassles.

    Does creating a "wifi node" jeopardize the whole sandbox concept?
  • Ableton makes an iOS library for implementing Link which provides the necessary code for setting up and managing a Link connection. They make this library available to app developers to allow them to include support for Link. There would be no way to access this library from an Audulus module unless Audulus includes the library and creates a node using the library which is what they are planning to do. I expect that it will need to come after the improvements to MIDI support. Although Link does not require a MIDI clock, both MIDI sync and Link require some kind of master tempo clock. It would make sense to add Link support when MIDI sync is available since they both use similar concepts. There's an older thread where Link is discussed with some ideas about implementation. I expect that it will be a node outputting the link sync information, and inputting tempo requests etc and a switch in the tools section to enable/disable Link. Here's the thread
    This is some general information on how Link functions and adding it to apps.:
  • BTW Ableton also provides libraries for other O/S's which is probably how the VCV module was developed. I wasn't being negative regarding VCV Rack. It's a great program and I have no worries about using modules from well-known suppliers. I have it installed on my Mac. It's not really any more risky than any other software, but you do need to be cautious.
  • Yeah, I wasn't intending to complicate anything, but just to tease out the details. Sometimes I am just curious about how things work. I did leaf through their link info package trying to get my head around it. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, very much appreciated.