Power of FM Workshop Video
  • While continuing to research how to best make a DX7 in Audulus, I came across this video workshop, which is amazing.

  • Thanks! Excellent series. I think I still prefer combining individual FM modules rather than pre-configuring the algorithms, but the principals are the same.
  • @stschoen You are probably right about the full DX7, the algo block patches are pretty CPU efficient as well. There was so much CPU just being sucked up with complex switches that weren't doing anything most of the time. Maybe the better approach would be to make little encapsulated instruments that are basically DX7 patches would be more useful.
  • @RobertSyrett perhaps the idea of being able to load/unload Audulus code in a more complex patch on an as needed basis rather than having to have all of it loaded upfront would be a way to address the issue going forward into Audulus 4?
  • @paulinko Well that's more or less what I have in mind. Instead of a synthesis engine geared towards unending permutations, like a DX7 or a Digitone, but a synthesis engine that is really just a preset made with the same core and then tailored to a sweet spot with a few tweakable parameters.

    You could keep them in a folder or something and then pull out an famous preset slap bass or some ambient drone. For the more adventurous, You can open up the patch and reverse engineer it towards your own ends. For the casual or new user, it's a bunch of different sounds with a easy learning curve and instant gratification.