Purchased Audulus for iPAD, but do I have to purchase it again for my MAC?
  • I already purchased Audulus for iPAD, do I really have to purchase it again for my MAC? It would make sense to be able to share the license via iCloud with my MAC computer. I would enjoy using Audulus via my DAW and it's upgrades that are not available for my iPAD (as of yet). If this is already a thing, is there info on linking the license with the app for MAC and vice versa? I could not locate.
  • They are two separate purchases. As I understand it, this is because of how Apple separates the iOS store.
  • @RobertSyrett @jasonshelton - they are separate because if we sold them together, we would charge 19.99+49.99 for the package, and that would be unfair to Windows customers with iPads who would be in essence buying a very expensive version they wouldn’t necessarily use. So don’t think of it as buying it again - think of it as buying it for a different platform. :)
  • The other problem is honestly that since we use the app store’s encryption, we can’t deliver our own version of the Mac software without going through the app store, which makes it impossible to bundle with Windows.
  • I might point out that Audulus is no different than many other apps. Most apps that support different platforms, charge separately for each platform.