Audulus Preset Management - Need Your Input!
  • Taylor and I just had a meeting and talked about the new Curvature synthesizer - we were talking about how it was a kind of solution for people who have been put off by Audulus not having presets. We're also thinking we're missing a huge market of people that are just preset blaster/modifiers who just want to make music and go through presets until they're inspired rather than creating sounds from scratch. To reach that type of person, we want to introduce presets for Audulus 4.

    Instead of doing a global preset that changes everything in the patch (which Taylor tried but didn't work out), each subpatch can have contextual presets.

    The preset menu would be accessed by tapping/right-clicking on the subpatch and selecting "presets." The preset manager would pop up, you'd select what preset you want, and it would load.

    The presets would ideally involve any intra-subpatch I/O connections (like on semi-modulars) but this might be difficult for Taylor to implement. If it only recorded knob/button/waveshape (Osc) information, that would still be pretty great.

    People could merge presets by copy/pasting the presets from one preset manager menu to another. This would allow people to share individualized preset lists.

    If presets are named the same, but are recognized as different presets, the new preset would get a (1) (2) etc. tacked on to its name.

    Preset names would be editable.

    Favorite presets could be starred and would be featured at the top of the list - otherwise, the presets would be in alphabetical order.

    If we want to go crazy, we could have nesting presets, so a module might have Bass, Pad, Drum presets, and those can all be folders with the actual presets inside them (instead of being in one long list).

    What do y'all think? Any feature addition ideas to this?
  • Another thing to consider would be having presets be modulateable...that's going more advanced and not sure what the UI could be like for that, but if you could modulate a drum module to switch between snare and kick, you could use less CPU than having a separate snare and kick module. This is essentially how newer digitally-controlled analog synths work like the Analog Four.
  • Maybe you could have a preset node with an input so if you had say 4 presets you could send it 1 through 4 to select a preset. You could have an output with the current number of presets available. The node could capture the preset list for the sub-patch and make it selectable.
  • That's a great idea @stschoen! Taylor doesn't want to use the node itself to navigate the presets (was thinking initially some kind of modular drop-down menu). But this way you could have the best of both worlds. Only complication is that the preset function would probably want to try to change whatever knob was attached to the preset node by virtue of it being inside the subpatch like other knobs. But possibly we can make something where it ignores saving any connections to a knob connected to that node.
  • i def love the idea of having this option to save/load presets.
    i would love to have a modul (preset node) which you can include in a patch if you want presets in it. a node without wire connections.
    the modul would have buttons or simply a right-click-menu-point to save and load presets.. therefor you can only have presets when this modul is included in a patch.. and it saves the presets with the patches itself and not the main program (audulus).
    this modul would save the states for e.g. knob positions etc.
    i hope you understand what i mean :D
  • @Phal_anx - the presets would be managed through their own menu accessible through the context/right click menu rather than a specific part of the patch that would access presets - this wouldn't take up any space on the UI of the patch.

    It would save the presets in the patch itself, too - so if you shared that patch, if people loaded it (even if they had their own version) they could see your presets there. You could then copy and paste the presets out of the preset menu and merge them with your own presets - "People could merge presets by copy/pasting the presets from one preset manager menu to another. This would allow people to share individualized preset lists."
  • I hadn't thought of the knob connected to the preset node itself being set. You could add a select gate to the node so that no preset would load until the gate went high. Then it wouldn't matter if the knob was set. In fact if you had two presets eg. snare and kick, you could set the knob in the snare preset to "kick" and the knob in the kick preset to "snare" and toggle between them just by toggling the gate. You might need some sort of trigger anyway since otherwise rotating the knob might load a bunch of presets in sequence.
  • @stschoen - the gate seems like a good solution!
  • @biminiroad - maybe i do not understand you guys correctly, because of my poor english but it sounds way to complicated for me... thx to studio one i can already save presets from any vsts i use (including audulus)
  • @Phal_anx - no worries! Just imagine though on iOS you tap or computer you right click on an empty space on a subpatch (module). One of the items that comes up is "presets." When you tap/click on that, it would open another window that would allow you to scroll through presets, add them, erase them, copy them, etc. Make sense?
  • now this makes more sense :) thank you for simplifiy it :D
    this "gate" stuff made it totally complicated for me :D
  • @Phal_anx - ah yes, I copy and pasted this from the github repository, so I usually try to be super explicit there so Taylor and I are on the same page. By gate, I really just mean the "g" signal that comes out of clocks and buttons. It's usually 0 or 1, but the actual range is X is exactly equal to 0 (for low), or X is greater than zero (for high).
  • I'll admit, I'm a preset blaster/modifier (or at least I was initially). In fact it was the "performances" patch collection that got me hooked. Only after purchasing Audulus did I start to tinker more. Presets would be invaluable because they would be CPU optimized and provide a more matured starting point. Hope that makes sense.
  • How do you insure that the presets are consistent?
    What happens with the presets if I modify the patch e.g adding / deleting nodes? Do I choose, which values are preset-able?
  • @Zjenji - definitely! I was too, long before I understood what an envelope or filter was. Have you checked out the "presets" I've started to create for the Curvature synth?

    @Experiment1 - Audulus would just try its best - if it's missing a knob here or there, it would just "shrug" and move on. And no, you wouldn't choose - it would be all knobs/buttons and possibly all internal I/O connections (as on a semi-modular).
  • Preset prototype concept.audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 10.34.53 PM.png
    972 x 652 - 170K
  • @RobertSyrett - have you tried using the preset module? That uses the spline node and is pretty lightweight.
  • Good idea! I'm doing something similar on the uMorphs, but using 8 bit numbers instead of 4. I needed the extra precision particularly for the phase. If you don't need the individual bits, there are simpler encoder/decoder pairs. Have a look at the calculator and decode nodes inside the uMorph.
  • @biminiroad Cool, That certainly is a less convoluted approach to a similar idea. I will have to make a version of the preset voice using it to see how easy it is to program. The one advantage I can see to my approach is that you can generate new random presets or swap presets (I got some numbers for you) without manually having to manually adjust 16 spline nodes. The preset nodes are a good example of modules I have overlooked because of where they are placed, everything else in that folder is more like a pre-made set of modules and the preset nodules are definitely a utility.

    @stschoen I see that now! To be honest, these things can seem pretty cryptic if you aren't looking for them. I will study the uMorph more closely.