Synthrotek Quadrangle
  • Hello everyone
    Aside from the fact that this module has normalized connections, I think this would be a really fun and easy module to bring to Audulus, and maybe even convert into an ES-8 patch/module.
  • Normally I'd link to the manual and demo video, but I think a Quad AD envelope is pretty self-explanatory. @stschoen recently made some nice envelopes with gate outputs for the different stages, we could probably make those work together to make something like the Quadrangle.
  • Here is a quick hack of the STS envelope to simplify the stages and make the gates for the stages available to trigger other envelopes. From here all you need to do is attenuvert the envelopes as they go to the ES-8.
    Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 4.13.02 PM.png
    993 x 712 - 90K
    4 cascades AD envelopes.audulus